Fiber Optic Camera Review: Auxbeam

This is a review of Auxbeams Fiber Optic SmartCam. It's a Two-in-one Smart Endoscope, compatible with Windows or Android phones. The fiber optic camera I demonstrate in this video is 5 meters long, which I find plenty lone enough to explore all of your vehicles components. I find the Micro USB is fragile, so if I was diagnosing a vehicles problem, I would use the regular USB and a Laptop. Auxbeam Fiber Optic Camera ‍ A few of my favorite tools Extendable Socket Wrench 1/2" Craftsman Impact Driver I use. Love this thing Dewalt 1/4 impact driver Be sure to get the kit with 2 batteries. You'll be glad you did! Craftsman 165 Mechanics Tool Set Excellent tool set that will last a lifetime. Oil filter Wrench Large Capacity Oil Drain Pan Subscribe: JeepSolid. Become a Patron of the JeepSolid garage!! Behind the scenes look at what goes on and a more personal interaction and discussion. I really appreciate the support!! Follow Me!! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Professional inquires: email me at The Red Line Oil and Lube Locker gasket were given to me free of charge by the companies. But, they did not have any input into the making of this video or my review of them. Yes, these are products I actually believe in and have served me well! #jeepyj #jeepwrangler #jeeps Some of the links provided are affiliate links, where I earn a very very very small commission for directing you to the website. If you make a purchase, it does not increase your cost, but helps me fund my channel. Thanks for watching JeepSolid. I am not a certified mechanic, just a hobbyist who enjoys working on Jeeps.

5M USB Endoscope 2 in 1 Android & Windows Vehicle Inspection Camera

$66.99As low as


Camera Head Diameter: 5.5mm

Cable Total Length: 5M

Camera Resolution: HD640*480/1024*720 

Focal Distance: 3-6cm

View Angle: 70°

Waterproof level: IP67

Applicable platform: Android/Windows, Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 / Windows

Description : 

This endoscopy is a true plug-and-play driver installed, convenient detection equipment and a 7mm camera Head

A new electronic detection product, which can capture the image, to the computer in real time video and photo, storage, printing or upload to the internet.

The inspection Camera makes use of optoelectronic technology to investigate hard-to-reach area.

The main advantages are small in size & the diameter is only 7mm with high-resolution imaging, waterproof camera and hose length of 2m, 5m 7m & in 10m.

How to use :

Turns on my computer, then click the icon USB video equipment, If Win 7 need to install the software which is in the CD, then you can take photo & video and click capture> start capture, it can video.

Features :

Waterproof wire endoscope

With a 5.5 mm camera head

High resolution with 1/9 CMOS camera

The Snapshot button & 6 LED lightness is adjustable

Photo shooting and video recording

Cable length 5M

Basic computer inquires:

Connecting computer to the video endoscope, you must satisfy the below-given requirements

The computer must have at least one serviceable USB connection port

CPU: Pentiums 300 or higher

System: Windows only

Internal memory: 64MB or higher

Display: Picture element 640X480 or higher

Hard disk serviceable space: 12MB or Above

Package Contents :

1 x USB Endoscope Camera

1 x Driver CD

1 x Small Hook

1 x Magnet

1 x Side Audition

1 x Fixed Set

1 x Micro to USB line 

1 x English user manual


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