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Review by Patrick of http://www.addictedtojeeps.com/ This is my first review of an AuxBeam Lighting product. This light set was sent to me by the... 4 INCH 18W CREE FLOOD BEAM DUAL ROW OFF ROAD LED WORK LIGHT BAR

Review by Patrick of http://www.addictedtojeeps.com/

This is my first review of an AuxBeam Lighting product. This light set was sent to me by the AuxBeam marketing team, but this review will be an impartial product evaluation.



The packaging of the lights was excellent – very professional and complete. This set includes 2 lights plus all the mounting hardware, complete wiring harness with lighted switch, and a basic set of instructions.



The lights feel very solid with a heavy heatsink on the back of the housing. The fit and finish of the lights were excellent – no scratches or dings on either the lenses or the housings. Each light came with approximately 12 inches of protected cable sealed into the bottom of the housing.

This set came with the newer style mounting brackets, which are simpler to install and adjust, plus allow the lights to sit closer to your vehicle’s mounting surface. (Note: the instructions that came with these lights were for the old-style brackets, but I figured out the new brackets without any issue. They are so simple to set up and install, the instructions really aren’t needed.) 



The mount for these lights is a simple, curved piece of aluminum that attaches to the bottom of each light using the supplied bolt, washer and a captured nut already in a channel in the bottom of each light’s housing. As you can see from the images below, this captured nut may be slid along this channel and then its bolt tightened at any spot to allow for some very flexible installation options when trying to fit these lights onto your vehicle.

I mounted these 4 inch LED lights on the corners of my Jeep’s after-market, stubby bumper. The new, lower mounts allowed them to sit very close to the bumper and not block the turn signal lights at all.


Also included in this kit is a complete wiring harness with connectors, an in-line fuze, and a switch with LED indicators and self-adhesive backing for easy mounting almost anywhere inside your vehicle.


(Note: since I already had wiring, a relay, and switches installed for a planned set of lights on my Jeep’s bumper, I did not use the supplied wiring harness.)


These 4 inch light bars cast a wide, uniform flood pattern that almost overpowers our Jeep Wrangler JK’s stock headlights (with upgraded non-LED bulbs).

Base line: The image below is only the Jeep’s low-beams, reaching out approximately 100 feet.


Low-Beams plus LEDs: This next image is now both the Jeep’s low beams and the two AuxBeam 4 inch LED light bars filling the entire field with light beyond 100 feet out.


LEDs only, angled out: In this final test image, I turned off the Jeep JK’s low-beams and angled the AuxBeam 4 inch LED light bars out approximately 20 degrees to not only light up the area in front of the Jeep, but also much of this field on both sides.



Overall, I’m very impressed with these AuxBeam 4 Inch 18 Watt LED Light Bars. They produce a blinding, uniform flood pattern that will be extremely useful for navigating our favorite trails after dark. They are an excellent value, providing a complete wiring harness and instructions for the price that some no-name manufacturers charge for just lights in an empty white box. If you’re looking for a set of affordable, excellent LED flood lights in a small housing that can be mounted almost anywhere, I highly recommend you try out these 4 Inch LED light bars.

(Free shipping, 30 day money-back guarantee, and a 1 year warrantee – I don’t think you can go wrong.)




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