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Auxbeam Cross series Light Bar Review
Written by Nathaniel Mcclanahan I’m 16 years old and just got a truck I’ve had it painted and I’ve done a lot of stuff to it since I’ve had it. It was my dad’s truck but he gave it to me and I fixed it up really nice. We used... Read more
Auxbeam New Arrival Bicolor Headlight Bulbs
This year, Auxbeam has sold different series of LED headlight bulbs with almost the same functions. As an increasing number of people prefer to upgrade their halogen headlight bulbs and HID headlight bulbs to LEDs, they may find that it is hard to tell the difference of all the... Read more
Auxbeam LED Cab Light Review
Written by Graylin After I purchase a brand-new truck, I would like to add some lights, since some people would blame you not seeing them when driving right in front. Thus, I decide to choose some cab lights to add on the roof. When searching the Internet, I see there... Read more