motorcycle lights--tail lightThe main purpose of a tail light is to make you visible to other cyclists and drivers behind you. It allows them to estimate and maintain a safe distance. This reduces the chances of being hit from behind if you apply brakes abruptly.

Brake lights automatically turn on when you engage the brake. This allows cyclists and drivers behind you to slow down on time and avoid crashing into your bike. Replacing your brake light with a brighter model is important since multiple cyclists or drivers behind you can see the light.

Tail lights enable drivers and cyclists behind to see your bike. However, when riding on a busy highway, vehicles have brighter lamps and your tail light will be difficult to see. Upgrading is necessary to avoid being pushed out of the road. You can replace your tail light with an Integrated-LED model from Auxbeam.

Motorcycle Turn signals

Motorcycles need Turn signals to indicate the direction they are heading when they are at a junction. You can also use turn signals to indicate if you want to overtake other bikes or cars. When you turn on the motorcycle turn signals, you are telling other drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and other people on the road the direction you are heading to. Unfortunately, the inbuilt turn signals are usually dim and one needs to concentrate in order to see it especially on a busy street. Upgrading is important because it will make you more conspicuous and enable you to safely join other roads. Auxbeam has the latest LED models including the 1.5-inch Motorcycle bullet-chrome and Motorcycle Bullet-Black models. Small size but in great function.


Each type of Motorcycle lights is a must-have accessory. Every motorcycle rider needs lights to enhance safety and improve the appearance of the motorcycle. Original motorcycle lights are usually dim and it is important to upgrade with brighter models. You can buy an extra set of motorcycle lights to improve visibility at night and during bad weather. It is important to select models which perfectly fit on your bike and require less power since a motorcycle has a small battery. If you are interested in different vehicle modification guide and different modified parts, please read on to know more.