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Motorcycle lights are the only accessories that are able to significantly change the appearance of a motorcycle while improving its functionality. The most important... 4 Necessary Motorcycle Lights You Might Need

motorcycle lightsMotorcycle lights are the only accessories that are able to significantly change the appearance of a motorcycle while improving its functionality. The most important motorcycle lights include the motorcycle headlight, tail light, turn signal, and auxiliary light. Each type of light has its own unique color and functionality. Some are located in front while others at the rear of a motorbike.

A rider requires skills, accuracy, and ability to make split-second decisions to balance a motorcycle on a slippery surface and join busy highways. This becomes a challenge when there is low visibility especially at night and during bad weather such as a foggy or misty day. Riders that lack good lights have a tendency of causing accidents. To prevent accidents, you have to install motorcycle lights that produce enough light to enable you to see cars and other objects in front. Riding at night on a bumpy road is a challenge especially if your bike doesn’t have bright lights. You might hit stones, potholes and other objects which can misalign the wheels or cause an accident.

You can add extra sets of lights on your bike to make it glow at night and become more conspicuous on the road. This improves safety and aesthetics but the number of bulbs that you can add is limited. Most motorcycles produce low power which prevents them from supporting many bulbs. However, if additional motorcycle lights is a must-have item on your bike, go for LED models.

4 Types of Motorcycle Lights 

Motorcycle Headlight

motorcycle headlightA Motorcycle headlight is located in front of the bike and it is the brightest lamp. among all the motorcycle lights, the motorcycle headlight enables you to see objects in front while riding at night or when there is poor visibility. Most Original motorcycle headlight bulbs are halogen models. Halogen bulbs are filled with a gas and the filament produces light when current passes through it. The major disadvantage of halogen models is that they easy malfunction. A dim headlight impairs the judgment of a cyclist at night and this frequently causes an accident. If you want to ride faster at night, upgrade your headlight. Replacing it with a brighter model enables you to see objects that are far away and make an informed decision to avoid them on time. However, ensure that you stick to the maximum speed limit of your street or highway to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.

Also, some motorcycles like Harley has their specific Headlight kits. When the headlight needs to be upgraded, you can directly replace the whole headlight assembly. Headlight assembly extends the range of your headlamp thus giving you more time to avoid objects in front. It also prevents your bike from being overshadowed by cars and Lorries with brighter headlamps. The motorcycle headlight kit is ideal for cyclists who frequently use a busy highway at night.

Motorcycle Headlight Recommendation

Most Modern motorcycle headlight bulbs and headlight assembly are LED based. LED technology is better than halogen since they are long-lasting, brighter and consume less electricity. Auxbeam has got some special motorcycle headlights.

For common motorcycles, you can choose to upgrade the headlight bulbs inside the headlight. Auxbeam has got the H4/PH7/H6 Hi-lo Beam headlight bulbs, which is especially for motorcycle headlight. All-in-one design, high-performance Hi-Lo beam LED headlight bulb. Equipped with various bulb holders, which can fit different vehicles. If you have the Harley Davidson, you can directly upgrade your headlight with the 7 inch round LED headlight. The headlight looks similar to the Jeep headlights. In fact, they are the same. You just need a piece of converter wire. Using the new LED headlight, your motorcycle may have more function like halo ring or multicolor beam pattern.

Motorcycle Auxiliary lights

auxiliary motorcycle lightsNot like the motorcycle headlight, auxiliary motorcycle lights are mainly used for auxiliary driving lights. They are not as powerful as the headlight. Yet, they can not only improve visibility but also improve the appearance of your motorcycle. There are two varieties of auxiliary lights. One has a wide and short light pattern which spreads between 30 and 35 degrees. The other one produces a longer light pattern which is narrow, about 20 degrees wide. The wide light pattern is ideal for seeing objects that are near, on the road or along the sidewalks. On the other hand, the long-range pattern enables you to see objects that are far away but on the road.

Most cyclists install auxiliary lights on their bikes due to aesthetic and safety reasons. Motorbike auxiliary lights provide better illumination on the road. Upgrade to LED auxiliary lights and improve your visibility. LED is the perfect Auxiliary light since it is energy efficient, compact and more powerful than halogen models.

Motorcycle Auxiliary Light Recommendation

Motorcycle auxiliary like spotlights and passing lights can help you a lot at night driving or in inclement weather condition. If you are interested in adding auxiliary motorcycle lights to your motorcycle, you can check Auxbeam. Auxbeam has got the new U7 spotlight in rotating RGB lighting mode, and some specific light colors, which can help you see clearly in your driving, and also good decorations to your motorcycles.

Motorcycle Tail lights

motorcycle lights--tail lightThe main purpose of a tail light is to make you visible to other cyclists and drivers behind you. It allows them to estimate and maintain a safe distance. This reduces the chances of being hit from behind if you apply brakes abruptly.

Brake lights automatically turn on when you engage the brake. This allows cyclists and drivers behind you to slow down on time and avoid crashing into your bike. Replacing your brake light with a brighter model is important since multiple cyclists or drivers behind you can see the light.

Tail lights enable drivers and cyclists behind to see your bike. However, when riding on a busy highway, vehicles have brighter lamps and your tail light will be difficult to see. Upgrading is necessary to avoid being pushed out of the road. You can replace your tail light with an Integrated-LED model from Auxbeam.

Motorcycle Turn signals

Motorcycles need Turn signals to indicate the direction they are heading when they are at a junction. You can also use turn signals to indicate if you want to overtake other bikes or cars. When you turn on the motorcycle turn signals, you are telling other drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and other people on the road the direction you are heading to. Unfortunately, the inbuilt turn signals are usually dim and one needs to concentrate in order to see it especially on a busy street. Upgrading is important because it will make you more conspicuous and enable you to safely join other roads. Auxbeam has the latest LED models including the 1.5-inch Motorcycle bullet-chrome and Motorcycle Bullet-Black models. Small size but in great function.


Each type of Motorcycle lights is a must-have accessory. Every motorcycle rider needs lights to enhance safety and improve the appearance of the motorcycle. Original motorcycle lights are usually dim and it is important to upgrade with brighter models. You can buy an extra set of motorcycle lights to improve visibility at night and during bad weather. It is important to select models which perfectly fit on your bike and require less power since a motorcycle has a small battery. If you are interested in different vehicle modification guide and different modified parts, please read on to know more.

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