LED light bar installation process

Before installing the light bar and brackets, disconnect the positive battery connection. Open the doors, and pull back the rain stripping above the windshield line on both sides. Put masking tape on the painted surface in case that the brackets will scratch the paint while marking holes.

Install the driver and passenger brackets on the 52inch LED light bar using the mounting hardware that was supplied with the light. Hand tighten. Place the brackets on top of the door jam, half inch up from the windshield line and mark the three holes with a marker, or a center punch, on both sides.


LED light bar installation process

Remove the brackets from the truck and drill pilot holes using a center drill. Then drill those holes. Slide the nut and washer over the supplied bolt, and screw them into a nut insert. Place the assembled bolt and nut insert into a drilled hole in the door jam.

Install all 6 nut inserts this way. Get the rubber pads install on the inside of each light bracket. Remove the masking tape from both sides of truck.Hold the Led light bar, with the brackets attached, up to the door jam and align the three holes on each side. Secure with the supplied button head screw, and tighten with an allen wrench.

Finally, tighten each side of the LED light bar to the bracket with a 6mm allen wrench so the light is positioned as desired in the bracket. Reapply the factory rubber door seal securely in the track. Complete wiring of light bar, and connect positive lead back to the battery system.

Want to know more about the lighting distance and lighting performance, you can have a look at the video below. It surely can help you. If you have any question, you can contact us.


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