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Auxbeam has produced many kinds of LED lights especially for Jeep Wrangler, such as LED driving light and LED headlight. Recently, we have release... 6 inch 60W CREE Round LED Driving Light For Jeep Wrangler

LED driving light

Auxbeam has produced many kinds of LED lights especially for Jeep Wrangler, such as LED driving light and LED headlight. Recently, we have release one new series product: 6 inch 60W CREE round LED driving light, which is similar to US brand TS3000R model: Speaker.


Wrangler headlight

Here, I will introduce this kind of LED driving light in detail for you. The high power 6 inch round LED driving light is made from die-cast aluminum for extra durability while doubling as heat sink, and it has 4 innovative projector convex lens, all of that are made of clear hard coated PC. Three CREE LEDs is under every lens, which can protect them from damage and scratch. The special material design makes the LED driving lights have great features of waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and vibration resistant.



Beam pattern

Wide range working voltage makes the LED lights can work under from DC 10V to 100V, and the pure white 6000K of color temperature can turn the night into daylight. The LED driving light can produces superior light output but softer light, which will efficiently relieve driving fatigue.



Super bright

The LED driving light is design especially for Jeep Wrangler, and its installation is very easy but need drilling. The universal pedestal mount allows mounting on front bumper or any other situations. If you purchase it, the included mounting bracket is free.


Even though the LED driving light is for Jeep Wrangler, but it also can be applied to industrial & construction lighting, recreational lighting, fire & rescue/law enforcement/military lighting, specialty trucks lighting, utility/forestry/mining/railway lighting, off-highway or on-highway lighting, and so on.

When driving at night, you really need a LED light bar to see all the obstacles in front of your vehicle clearly, to keep your car move forward smoothly, to avoid the car by the side of the road obstructions scrape or be destroyed. So the Auxbeam will be your first solution. Its high lumen CREE LEDs is high output even in the case of lower power consumption. At the same time it also has a high impact toughed glass surface, which can guarantee high light transmission. These two features ensure enough light to illuminate the road ahead, to turn your driving more comfortable and safer.


Jeep Wrangler led lights

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