For most vehicles, they were first made with HID headlights for driving. However, due to HID have shorter lifespan and will cause dazzle to the driver right in front, which will cause accident. Also HID needs more time to reach the rated brightness, which really trouble the drivers. In this case, many drivers will choose to change their HID headlights with LED lights. Yet, they still have a problem of how to install the LED headlights. So here shows you how to do with it.

Step1: Remember to disconnect the negative battery connection, before any installation.

Step2: Unlatch the clips (in red) to release the hood


led headlight

This 7” LED headlights of Auxbeam Lighting with high beam and low beam draws 42W on high beam and 30W on low beam. This lights include the light and the H4 to H13 converter. It can also adapted in agricultural construction forestry, industrial lawn & garden military, off-highway specialty trucks, utility fire & rescue law enforcement and mining recreational. Want to know more details, click here.