When people want to do some modification on their vehicles in order to guarantee the safety during driving process, they need to consider a lot about the quality of the accessories. It is the same for choosing an LED light bar. As always, Auxbeam offers you quality light bars, which you will feel safe driving at night. While when buying an LED light bar, you will not know which one to buy, so now I want to introduce one high cost-performance LED light bar for you—the 52” 300W Philips Hyperspot & Flood dual row driving LED light bar.

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LED light bar

With 52in long, 3in wide and 3.4in high, this LED light bar can handle extremely wet working conditions and produce 30,000lumens of the bright light of pure white 6000K. In fact, not everyone knows what the color temperature means. Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) specifies where a light’s output falls in the visible light spectrum. The unit of measurement is on the Kelvin temperature scale. Thus, a particular light’s temperature is a number followed by a K, such as 6000K. To distinguish warm color or cool color of the light, there is a principle. Cooler light temperature at the red end of the spectrum is considered as “warm” while high temperature is believed to be “cool”. LEDs can produce light from about 1000K to 9000K, yet only a small range is useful for an LED light bar. As the sun can produce lights on a clear day in the range of 5000K-5400K, which is a best for night driving as human eyes can work well in that range.

Assembled by 100pcs 3W popular Philips LED, the LED light bar combines the hyper spot of 30 degrees & flood pattern of 60 degrees for an optimal light spread, so it can light up an ultra-focus and super long lighting distance. Made by the aluminum profile with high transmission PC lens, it can withstand any inclement environment. Auxbeam uses only top-quality Philips LEDs with a lifespan of over 30000 hours and it can work during -40 to 80 Degree Celsius.

The light bar can especially fit for the 12V/24V vehicles, which has a wide range of applications due to its characteristics of IP67 and illumination effect, such as off-road pickups, ambulance, ATV/UTV, golf cart, and boat & marine lighting as well as on agriculture, mining and heavy equipment. Surely you can afford it, so do not hesitate, check it on Auxbeam Lighting and decorate your vehicle with it.



LED light bar on Jeep