Angel Eyes headlights and Devil Eyes headlights

Angel Eye and Devil Eye

In fact, Angel Eyes are installed as headlights mounted outside the aperture. They were first used in BMW, mainly as daytime running lights and side lights. Devil Eyes are similar to Angel Eyes, yet it is one point different. Devil Eyes are embedded within the light, while Angel Eyes are outside. The premise of installing Devil Eyes need to add lens or lens coming with the original vehicles. Light that adding to the lens reflects from the spherical lens, just like a ball. Angel Eyes are a lot easier to assemble and disassemble, reducing the chances of lax seal due to assembly and disassembly. Besides, Angel eyes are equipped outside the light, which would not block the light, while Devil Eyes would due to installing inside.

From my point of view, though I write a lot about the Angel Eyes and the Devil Eyes, I think it is no use installing Angel Eyes or Devil Eyes. Except aesthetics, I cannot think of any other advantages about them. For a car, lighting is really a serious problem. No one can ignore it. For driving safety, I suggest you to install LED driving lights or LED light bar, which becomes a trend for vehicles. At present, some newly-produced vehicles are equipped with LED daytime running light, which means LED becomes more and more popular in vehicles production. Do not hesitate, buy a LED driving light or light bar for your beloved vehicles, and let them guarantee your driving safety.