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Have you heard of LED light bar? If the answer is no, so you may go behind the trend of the market. LED light... Auxbeam 13.5inch LED Light Bar Product Review

Have you heard of LED light bar? If the answer is no, so you may go behind the trend of the market. LED light bar has been storming the market and everyone loves it. Now, not only the website but also many forums are talking about modifying their vehicles with LED light bars. However, some may really like LED light bars and want to add some to their vehicles but they do not exactly know how to do with the installation process. Luckily, Auxbeam got some product reviews and we want to share you the installation process in order to help you modify your vehicles yourselves.


13.5inch LED light bar

Here, we want to share you with the Auxbeam 13.5 inch 60W Philips Straight hyperspot single row LED light bar. Drawing only 60W, the light bar can emit approximately 6000lumen pure white light in 6000K. Made of the fisheye convex lens, the light bar is pretty cool and fashion. The design of the beam pattern is 8-degree pencil beam which is more focus with less spread. Compared with ordinary HID and halogen light, LED has a longer lifespan which guarantees you can use the same light bar for a pretty long time. This 13.5 inch Philips LED light bar can apply to an off-road vehicle, ATVs, SUV, truck, engineering vehicles, special vehicle, forklift, trains, boat, bus, and tanks.

This time, we will share with you this 13.5inch LED light bar installing inside the grille of Ford. The installation step is as following.

First, measure the place for the light bar. Figure out whether the light bar fits your grille and measure where to install the light.

Second, install the brackets that come with the light bar. Take away the grille and put the light bar to the exact place you have measured.

Third, find the place to install the LED light bar. As different cars have different grilles, you need to figure out where to install. Install the light bar inside the grille and tighten the screws. After finishing the installation. Put the grille back.

Finally, wiring the LED light bar up and give a ride for testing.


light bar details


As the light bar is made of 12pcs 5W Philips LED chips, the light bar is extremely bright. Facts speak louder than words. Since we cannot figure whether the light bar is extremely bright or not, we can just see the video below to see its performance.

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