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The new series 52 inch PHILIPS curved LED light bar review is about one of their more popular long lights that fit perfectly across... Auxbeam 52 inch PHILIPS curved LED light bar review

52″ led light bar


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The new series 52 inch PHILIPS curved LED light bar review is about one of their more popular long lights that fit perfectly across a full-size truck windshield, roll bar or roof rack. Just the size alone with its double row design and 100 powerful LEDs is enough to earn respect even before you throw the switch.The LED light bar combines hyper spot & flood pattern for optimal light spread, so the jaw-dropping amount of light it produces will perform without compromise. Auxbeam uses only top-quality Philips LEDs with lifespan of over 50000 hours. To put that in perspective, that is over 10 years running the light 12 hours a day every day.The curved design LED light emits light that cover your viewing angle of beyond 180 degree for your vehicle and has twice brightness as the ordinary light with the same size. The 6063 extruded aluminum housing ensure its features of waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and anti-corrosion. Large, super-efficient heat sink fins are built right into the case for cool running. Custom seals, finely machined surfaces and stainless screws at every other LED column reject moisture, ice, mud and dust to achieve an industry-leading IP68 certification.

After ensuring maximum LED light output, Auxbeam’s hybrid optics system comes into play. A combination of 4D fisheye projector lenses and Philips LEDs directs 97 percent of each LED’s output directly in front of your vehicle without voids and hotspots, designing to project light on extreme distance.



You will pay a little extra to acquire Auxbeam’s largest new series 52 Philips curved LED light bar, but when you switch it on to light up a dark, mountain highway or tree-lined, rocky trail, the slight pinch in your wallet area will fade quickly. As any Auxbeam 52 inch LED light bar review will attest, this light pulverizes the surrounding gloom. Phrases such as “ridiculously bright,” ”unreal,” and “awesome,” appear regularly in owner reviews.

At this size of light bar from Auxbeam, the difference in beam penetration between a pure spot and the combo configuration may not be noticeable by many drivers. Certainly, you are not going to overdrive the 1.5km penetration of the combo at legal speeds and its additional side flood lighting is helpful.

Even if you never turn on this baby, your friends will be appropriately impressed. However, you would be crazy not to hit the trail and enjoy the almost legendary illumination of your surrounds by the powerful, well-made light bar. Hence, if you can afford it, if it fits, if you will truly take advantage of its brightness, then there is no reason not to have it gracing your vehicle.

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