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LED lights become more and more popular this year. With their good quality and longer lifespan that will beat the HID or Halogen bulbs... Auxbeam Review: 7 inch LED Light Bar

LED lights become more and more popular this year. With their good quality and longer lifespan that will beat the HID or Halogen bulbs and become the hottest auxiliary lights source. However, since LED become popular, not every LED light manufacturers will make their products with durable materials, which may be easily broken and let the customers do not believe other manufacturers with high-quality products. This will make a vicious circle.


7inch LED light bar

As a conscientious LED lights manufacturers, Auxbeam takes every product seriously. Auxbeam chooses the best materials for making LED light bars in affordable price. Since Auxbeam has risen from the numerous LED manufacturers, Auxbeam needs the customers’ actual reviews to make other potential customers to have the faith for its products.

Through this opportunity, Auxbeam wants to help all the customers with the installations of the LED light bars. Not all customers have the ideas to install the LED light bars on their owns and some may even buy the LED light bars from the LED manufacturers on the Internet and then pay for the technicians to install the lights for them, which costs them a lot. So Auxbeam offers you some tips for installing the LED lights that can help you save that money.

In the video below, it is the 7inch LED light bar installing on the luggage rack of a 2004 Toyota sienna. This installation is pretty easy. The lights were mounted on the luggage rack by drilling holes into the cross bar and securing them with the included mounting hardware. Then connect the light to the power system of the vehicles. Not only the Toyota Sienna but also other types of vehicles can use this installation method to install LED light bars on the roof rack.

light bar on Colorado

In fact, this 7inch LED light bars can not only install on the roof rack but also some other places on the vehicles, like bull bar, inside the grille, behind the grille, inside the lower front bumper where there is a gap, etc. Drawing only 36W per light, this light bar can emit 3600lumen 6000K white light. Auxbeam offers you two types of beam angles for customers to choose: spot beam and flood beam. Made of durable materials, this 7inch LED light bar can work under the temperature of -40 to 85 degree Celsius and working continuously for over 50,000 hours. In the video below you can see how it work in the dark.

Auxbeam now has Christmas big sales for the whole December, and you can get 10% off for one pair of the 7inch LED light bars. So do not miss this chance, buy it and get some free Christmas gifts from Auxbeam.



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