Lighting is always the first priority for driving safely. Driving with dim headlights, you cannot see clearly straight ahead. If you are in the city, that might be OK, as there are street lights everywhere. While in the wild, if your driving headlights are dim, you cannot see whether there is a deer or any animals ahead. It’s very dangerous. Not like Jeep, most vehicles can only upgrade the bulbs inside the headlight, so you can upgrade with the brightest headlight bulbs. Here in Auxbeam, we will show you the best headlight bulbs guide.

Headlight Bulbs Types

Bulb types are mainly decided by the chip types. As the technology developed, there are 3 types of bulb types so far—halogen, HID and LED. When you choose the best headlight bulbs, you need to consider the bulbs types.

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs are in fact the upgrade version of the incandescent lamps. Since people found that inserting some halogen gas (normally iodine or bromine) into the incandescent lamps would make the light brighter and work longer. Nowadays, most vehicles are equipped with halogen bulbs as their factory lights.


  1. The cost is very low.
  2. Can work over 1000 hours
  3. The working efficiency is improved compared with an incandescent lamp.


  1. It will waste some power and transform the power to heat.

W-series is also a new series that are designed by Auxbeam. Not like other models that you can see on the market, this series has a special design of the bulb. Made of CREE LEDS, this series can give out extremely bright light. Also, this series has the Canbus drivers as well.

More comparisons, please check the chart below.

T1 series F-16 series W-series S3 series
Price $61.99/$65.99 $52.99 $87.99/$78.99 $41.99
Plug Type H1,H3,H4,H7,H11,H13,








Watts (each bub) Single: 35W

Hi-lo: 35W/high beam, 35W/low beam

Single: 30W

Hi-lo: 35W/high beam, 35W/low beam

Single: 30W

Hi-lo: 35W/high beam, 35W/low beam

Single: 36W

Hi-lo: 36W/high beam, 36W/low beam

Lumen Single:3500lm

Hi-lo:4000lm/high beam, 4000lm/low beam


Hi-lo:2000lm/high beam, 3600lm/low beam


Hi-lo:3500lm/high beam, 3500lm/low beam


Hi-lo:3600lm/high beam, 3600lm/low beam

Color Temperature Cool White 6500K Pure White 6000K Cool White 6500K Cool White 6500K
IP Rate IP68 IP68 IP67 IP65
Lifespan 30,000hours 30,000hours 30,000hours 30,000hours
Heat Dissipation Built-in Fan Built-in Fan Built-in Fan Built-in Fan
Material Aviation 6063 aluminum profile Aircraft grade luxury gold aluminum Aluminum Aviation 6063 aluminum profile
Bulb Drivers Built-in External Built-in Built-in
Canbus Drivers Included Not included Included Not included
Features Temperature Control, long lifetime Super bright, with no dazzle Unique design High cost-effective

All the Auxbeam headlight bulb series are listed above. If you want some new function bulbs, please try our T1 series. If you want the brightest bulbs in affordable price, choose F-16 series. More choice for you. I’m sure you can choose the best led headlight bulbs fit your cars.