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Lighting is always the first priority for driving safely. Driving with dim headlights, you cannot see clearly straight ahead. If you are in the... Auxbeam Best Headlight Bulbs

Lighting is always the first priority for driving safely. Driving with dim headlights, you cannot see clearly straight ahead. If you are in the city, that might be OK, as there are street lights everywhere. While in the wild, if your driving headlights are dim, you cannot see whether there is a deer or any animals ahead. It’s very dangerous. Not like Jeep, most vehicles can only upgrade the bulbs inside the headlight, so you can upgrade with the brightest headlight bulbs. Here in Auxbeam, we will show you the best headlight bulbs guide.

Headlight Bulbs Types

Bulb types are mainly decided by the chip types. As the technology developed, there are 3 types of bulb types so far—halogen, HID and LED. When you choose the best headlight bulbs, you need to consider the bulbs types.

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs are in fact the upgrade version of the incandescent lamps. Since people found that inserting some halogen gas (normally iodine or bromine) into the incandescent lamps would make the light brighter and work longer. Nowadays, most vehicles are equipped with halogen bulbs as their factory lights.


  1. The cost is very low.
  2. Can work over 1000 hours
  3. The working efficiency is improved compared with an incandescent lamp.


  1. It will waste some power and transform the power to heat.

HID Bulbs

HID is short for high-intensity discharge, which means the bulbs inside is filled with some inert gas including Xenon. Its light principal is that the voltage increases to over 23000V in order to break through the xenon and make the xenon arced and light up between the two electrodes through the action of the initiator and ballast. In recent years, HID bulbs are commonly used in many high-end vehicles as their factory lights.


  1. More efficient than halogen bulbs. (Normal halogen bulbs in vehicles are 55W, while HID only needs 35W for each bulb)
  2. Lifespan is twice as much as halogen bulbs
  3. More choice for light colors.


  1. The lenses will be soiled and produce glare which influences the oncoming vehicles.
  2. Need a DC to DC converter for higher operating voltage.
  3. Need about 3-5 seconds to start up the light.
  4. Used up the rare materials.

LED Bulbs

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a kind of semiconductor which transforms electric energy into visible light. The core of LED is the LED chip. Its light principal is very difficult. Whether the LED light is bright or not, depends on the material of the semiconductor chip. Famous brands like CREE, PHILIPS can make good quality LED chips, and the brightest headlight bulbs.


  1. Low energy consumption. Up to 80% less energy consuming.
  2. Environmental friendly materials
  3. Over 50,000 hours lifespan
  4. Startup as you turn them on.
  5. Wide color spectrum


  1. More expensive than other bulbs in the market so far.


All in all, if you want to choose the best headlight bulbs, you can choose led headlight bulbs.

Factors to Consider about the Best LED Headlight Bulbs

There are several factors you need to consider when you choose the best LED headlight bulbs.

LED Chips

As we have mentioned before, the material of the semiconductor chip is very important, which depends whether the light is bright or not. So, you’d better choose some LED headlight bulbs using famous brands’ LEDs, such as CREE or PHILIPS. And also, the packaging technique is different. CREE mainly uses SMD (Surface Mounted Devices) and PHILIPS CSP (Chip Scale Package).

Heat Dissipation

Heat is the No.1 killer. As the headlight bulbs are installed inside the headlight assembly, how to dissipate the heat generated by the working bulbs? Normally, there are 3 ways to dissipate heat for bulbs—fans, copper nets, and the aluminum housing. There are also PROs and CONs for these three ways. Accordingly, adding fans for dissipation may be better and more efficient for LED headlight bulbs. Also, for heat dissipation, the dust cover will also influence the heat dissipation. After reinstalling the LED headlight bulbs, you need to check whether you leave 3cm distance between the bulbs and the dust cover. If not, you have to change the dust cover as well. Otherwise, the bulbs will overheat and stop working.


Canbus Drivers

Some vehicles are equipped with CANBUS to control every electronic equipment on the vehicles. once you change any electronic equipment, it will give an error warning on the panel. Thus, you may need the Canbus drivers. Canbus drivers can help you fix these problems on most vehicles, but not all vehicles can be fixed. There are also the bulb drivers which make the bulb working stably. You need to figure out the bulb drivers and the Canbus drivers.


Bulbs Holders

Bulb holders can also important for choosing the best headlight bulbs for money. Actually, every bulb has a holder, but for bulbs like H7 or H1, the bulb holders are unified for one kind by the manufacturers but some vehicles may need other types of holders. In fact, if your factory bulb holders can still work for the LED headlight bulbs, that’s fine; or you may need another pair of bulb holders.


Auxbeam Best LED Headlight Bulbs Guide

There are several series Auxbeam is selling on the website. But, how to choose the best LED headlight bulbs that fit your car best? Let’s see some differences between some series.

T1 series

T1 series is the new series of Auxbeam. Built with PHILIPS LEDs, this series has a very special function—temperature control. The light can get bright and dim as the bulb gets hot or cool, which can keep the light working in an ordinary with worrying about overheat and failure. Also, every pair of headlight bulbs in this series is packed with the Canbus drivers, which can help you figure out the Canbus problems.

F-16 series

F-16 series is the most hot-sale series in Auxbeam and more customers love to purchase this series. Made of CREE LEDs, though the watts and lumens are not the highest, it can give more bright light. The top of the bulb can be removed, so as to make the light bulb fit in perfectly.


W-series is also a new series that are designed by Auxbeam. Not like other models that you can see on the market, this series has a special design of the bulb. Made of CREE LEDS, this series can give out extremely bright light. Also, this series has the Canbus drivers as well.


More comparisons, please check the chart below.


T1 series F-16 series W-series S3 series
Price $61.99/$65.99 $52.99 $87.99/$78.99 $41.99
Plug Type H1,H3,H4,H7,H11,H13,








Watts (each bub) Single: 35W

Hi-lo: 35W/high beam, 35W/low beam

Single: 30W

Hi-lo: 35W/high beam, 35W/low beam

Single: 30W

Hi-lo: 35W/high beam, 35W/low beam

Single: 36W

Hi-lo: 36W/high beam, 36W/low beam

Lumen Single:3500lm

Hi-lo:4000lm/high beam, 4000lm/low beam


Hi-lo:2000lm/high beam, 3600lm/low beam


Hi-lo:3500lm/high beam, 3500lm/low beam


Hi-lo:3600lm/high beam, 3600lm/low beam

Color Temperature Cool White 6500K Pure White 6000K Cool White 6500K Cool White 6500K
IP Rate IP68 IP68 IP67 IP65
Lifespan 30,000hours 30,000hours 30,000hours 30,000hours
Heat Dissipation Built-in Fan Built-in Fan Built-in Fan Built-in Fan
Material Aviation 6063 aluminum profile Aircraft grade luxury gold aluminum Aluminum Aviation 6063 aluminum profile
Bulb Drivers Built-in External Built-in Built-in
Canbus Drivers Included Not included Included Not included
Features Temperature Control, long lifetime Super bright, with no dazzle Unique design High cost-effective

All the Auxbeam headlight bulb series are listed above. If you want some new function bulbs, please try our T1 series. If you want the brightest bulbs in affordable price, choose F-16 series. More choice for you. I’m sure you can choose the best led headlight bulbs fit your cars.

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