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This blog is written by our reviewer–Jeep Family. Recently, we received a package from the awesome guys and gals over at Auxbeam! In this... Auxbeam Cross-Series 22″ 120W Straight Combo Beam LED light bar Review!

This blog is written by our reviewer–Jeep Family.

Recently, we received a package from the awesome guys and gals over at Auxbeam! In this package came their Cross-Series 22″ 120W Straight Combo Beam LED light bar! In today’s post, we are going to be reviewing it.

So, first off let’s talk about what the light bar came with. Most companies will send you the light bar with a little bit of the electrical cord attached and that’s about it. Auxbeam, on the other hand sent way more. It came with two mounting points, full electrical harness w/ dual switch (for an additional $9.00), and two flood beam masks. So, from the start of the unboxing I was very happy with the light bar. Of course, the one thing I always wish light bars came with is installation instructions. This is not Auxbeam’s fault in particular considering most, if not all companies will not include installation instructions. It’s just one thing I wish was included. That being said, it is not particularly difficult to find a YouTube video or online forum from someone who wrote down exactly how to do it.


LED light bar


Now for the actual light bar itself. The average price of a 22″ LED light bar from popular companies such as Rigid Industries and Rough Country costs $431 while this light bar from Auxbeam costs $120. I’m a firm believer that just because you spent the most money doesn’t mean you’re getting the best quality. The material used in the making of this light bar is better than expected. It’s made with a black die-cast aluminum profile with a IP67 rated water and dust seal.


The brightness of this light bar is incredible. One of the nice things about it is its Cross-Style DRL. If you look at the picture directly below, you can see that the center of light bar in between the larger individual LED’s are much smaller light’s that form a “cross” shaped pattern. This is where the dual-switch comes in handy! The dual switch allows the user to conveniently switch between the full light bar and the cross-pattern lights with the quick press of a button!


LED light bar

Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to install the light bar onto my own Jeep yet. However, I should be able to do that by next week. Once I have it fully installed I should have a installation article for those of you who are unsure of how to hook everything up! Overall, I would highly recommend this light bar and any product that comes from Auxbeam. They are great people who have helpful customer service and quick shipping! Not to mention the price of their products is unbeatable. If you are considering a purchase from them, do it! You won’t regret it. At the bottom of this review I will attach pictures of the light bar from their website, along with a link to their social media and official site! They were even nice enough to give us a discount code, so don’t forget to use our code ‘JeepFamily’ for 5% off on orders over $30!

Thanks for reading!

– Matt, Jeep Family




LED light bar details


LED light bar details


wiring harness details


wiring harness details


wiring harness details


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