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Written by Nathaniel Mcclanahan I’m 16 years old and just got a truck I’ve had it painted and I’ve done a lot of stuff to... Auxbeam Cross series Light Bar Review

Written by Nathaniel Mcclanahan

I’m 16 years old and just got a truck I’ve had it painted and I’ve done a lot of stuff to it since I’ve had it. It was my dad’s truck but he gave it to me and I fixed it up really nice. We used to go everywhere in that old Chevy. We’d go to the mountains or town or go and get firewood in that thing. I loved that truck it was so big and what the most me was it was dads truck. But on snow days where I didn’t have school we’d take my mom to work in that old truck and then come home to a warm house. But I always dreamed of getting that old truck my dad drove I’ve loved Chevy trucks since I was little especially that one because it was my dad’s.


Cross series

But when I went to fixing it up I wanted to put two light bars on it because I had once had owned a 20 inch off brand light bar that I sold to my cousin. I sold that one to him and he hooked it up and showed me. Wow it was bright but when I sold that one to him I bought a big brush guard and an Auxbeam 22 inch light bar. I didn’t really know much about Auxbeam then I just wanted a cool light to put on my truck that I could use when riding through the mountains. Then when my truck was painted and brought home I put the brush guard and the light bar on. I was so amazed with how bright the light actually was it was even brighter than the one I sold my cousin.so that’s my review of the 22 inch light bar. And ever since I can remember I wanted a truck with a light bar on the top. So last year for Christmas I got Auxbeam big 52 inch cross-series light bar and once again was amazed with how bright it was.


Cross series

I live on a farm and we have a huge field and it alone lite the entire field up it was so bright. It’s even got a daytime running light on it. They look great and I love feature. That’s my review on the 52 inch cross series light bar. Then I got their led headlights because mine were old and wore out so I got the f-16 series bulbs and once again was amazed with how much light they put out. They were so easy to install and I installed them within seconds. I used to have to drive with my light bar on everywhere but thanks to the f-16 series bulbs I can see at night. But that’s my review on Auxbeam I love this company and will never use any other off-road light company. I also plan to finish my truck with a 32 inch light bar behind the grill and the flush mount pods in my rear bumper for backup lights. But if you’re looking for a great light choose Auxbeam, you get quality and it’s worth your money every penny.

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