Exterior lights are an essential part of any vehicle, but do you really know what best suits your individual needs, or where to buy reliable light bars for your off road design vehicles? While a few decades ago, halogens were the mainstream lighting option, the introduction of LED lighting has completely transformed the night-time off-road experience. If you enjoy modifying and upgrading your off road design but aren’t willing to fork out an unreasonable amount of cash, Auxbeam offers a wide range of discount lighting solutions with many products currently on sale this July.

4 Reasons to Add LED Lighting to Your Off Road Design

Any seasoned individual who has experience in off road design knows that a solid set of LEDs is the most important accessory for any off-road vehicles.

discount lighting1. Intensity of brightness

With LED, your vehicle’s lighting becomes brighter, whiter, and lets you see much further ahead of the road compared to halogens. No need to worry about bumping into animals during the night time anymore!

2. Requires less energy and lasts longer

One of the most important benefits of LED headlights is that they require only a small amount of power to work relative to the classic halogen lights. Not only do they have low energy consumption, but they also last longer than old-fashioned halogens and will be less likely to be replaced, thus making LED lighting a sensible discount lighting choice in the long run.

3. Lights turn on instantly

With LED lighting, you get the satisfaction of seeing instantaneous bright lights as soon as you turn them on, with a “rise time” response (delay from off to full strength) of around a millisecond.

4. Easy to install into your car

Installing a new set of LED light bars is easy, and more often than not, the package comes with any necessary brackets, screws, and nuts required for installation. Modifying the lighting on your vehicle is simple and saves so much time compared to waiting at a garage.

Excited by the prospect of including LED lighting to your off road design but unsure where to begin? Regardless of the style of your vehicle, LED is a worthy investment, and Auxbeam currently has two LED light bar series on sale.

Quad-Beam Series: An affordable and reliable discount lighting solution

off road design discount lightingWhen driving your off-road design during the night or even down rural paths, it is important to have powerful lighting to illuminate your route. The Quad-Beam series is an affordable and well-functioning solution to your discount lighting needs.

Depending on the requirements of your off-roader, the Combo light bars come in either a straight or curved format. Jeeps are the most popular vehicle choice for the straight bars and can be easily applied to several different spots. For most other SUVs, the curved bars are more suitable and are frequently placed on the bumper of the windshield.

The Quad-Beam series gets its name from the four rows of LEDs stacked on top of each other in a classic layered design, allowing you to see far ahead in wild areas in the dark. The lighting configuration set-up supports maximum efficiency and powerful vision.

With eight different varieties in this discount lighting series, one 22 inch quad beam LED light bar used to cost $78.99 but now in the discount July, you can get one with just $19.99.

The Quad-Beam is perfect for those looking for a no-fuss, no-frills LED lighting option to expand on the modifications to their off-roader. Right now, there is a massive 63% off sale for every size, so make sure to capitalize on the great value for money to buy such low-cost discount lighting.

Aux-Trend Series: For those looking to amp up their Off road design

discount lightingThere are several factors to take into account when choosing LED lighting for your off road design, and for those looking for a unique and creative mod for your vehicle, look no further than the Aux-Trend series.

Unlike the classic style of the light bar seen as the Quad-Beam above, the Aux-Trend series features a single row of lighting, using powerful 7W LEDs per chip. This causes the Aux-Trend series to be an eye-catching and statement discount option for your vehicle. This lighting series not only includes the high-quality white lights, but also a green or amber atmosphere light of your choosing Light bars with atmosphere features can act as a distinguishing feature when modifying your off-roader to allow your car to stand out.

Similar to the Quad-Beam series mentioned above, there are a variety of lengths of the light bars available, with a broad range from 12 inches to 36 inches.

Currently, the Aux-Trend series is on sale with 62% off, so be sure to take advantage of the discount and grab yourself a cool and commanding set of discount lighting this July.

off road design discount lighting


Auxbeam is ahead of the competition for off-road lighting. While at a first glance you may be inundated by the many different options of LED lighting for your off road design modifications, Auxbeam is a consistent favorite amongst experts due to its many wells thought out features.

Compared to others in the off-road lighting business like Nilight, Auxbeam has a better range of functional, design, and supportive features, listed below:

Price LED
Light bar
$29.26 50,000 hours 19800 Lumens IP67
Nilight Light bar $32.99 30,000
11340 Lumens IP67

For a similar price, Auxbeam light bars are brighter and have a longer lifespan compared to Nilight. While Auxbeam prides itself on making great products at a great price range, it doesn’t mean that its LED lighting doesn’t stack up compared to more expensive competitors.


Compared to BAP Off-road, the Aux-Trend has a stronger wattage and more variety in color:

















50,000 hours


7W Philips


19800 Lumens


Yes – green
or amber



BAP Off road
Light bar






6W Philips


21000 Lumens




For a sixth of the price in this July, Auxbeam products can easily hold their own next to luxury lighting solutions. Relative to those in a similar price range, and those with exorbitant costs, Auxbeam simply has a better value-for-money range of products compared to competitors in the industry.



At the end of the day, if you’re looking for an affordable way to make the mods on your off-roader stand out, or even just looking for something that will let you explore the depths of the wilderness, Auxbeam has an exceptional discount lighting solution for you. Make sure to check out the Quad-Beam and Aux-Trend series before the sale finishes, the discount lighting with such low price only in this month.

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