Auxbeam F-16 & NF-03

I installed the F-16 LED light for my 9005 DRL, and 9006 headlight on my Honda Odyssey. The installation was a simple plug and play. All you need to do is
disconnect the factory harness from the halogen bulb, and remove the bulb. Then install the F-16 LED light in the headlight housing. Plug the factory harness to the F-16 light and that’s it. This kit comes with the CAN BUS decoder LED driver. With this decoder, your DRL will not show the error light on the dash which is common if you install other brands of LED bulb.

If you install this in your headlight housing, you should do a proper headlight alignment because any aftermarket bulb will change the alignment of the light output. Most cars have a simple screw adjustment to adjust the vertical alignment. Once adjusted, the F-16 LED bulb will emit a very clean white light onto the road. Overall, this is a very good LED kit to get for your headlight conversion. The Auxbeam F-16 Series LED light have proven to be a very good choice for this upgrade.