Written by Chirs

Here is my adventure of using Auxbeam LED lights.A while back I bought a few sets of led head lights. I put a set in the sheriff office patrol truck—the 9005 and h11 sets. And just to see what my units thought about the bulbs, so I began to sell them some for all the units. To my surprise, they love the bulbs. So over the next few weeks, they are going to order a few sets at a time until all the units have the bulbs.

88621847_hot-800x800Those who purchased Auxbeam bulbs from me said that they tried and found it was easily installed and replaced the original car bulbs. After turning the bulbs on, they all light up really bright. Very powerful lighting performance! When I ordered a few bulbs from auxbeam, most came with the good condition, while one pair has some problem. I ask Auxbeam customer service and they helped me change another pair. Their customer service is very patient and really helpful.

So if you guys want to purchase bulbs and do not have an idea of choosing which brand, you may try Auxbeam. I’m really satisfied with my purchases. And hope that Auxbeam will keep up the good work of fantastic products they have provided me. I will order light bars as well for one of the units to see if they will buy those too. Auxbeam have provided me with a product that cannot be matched with the cheap off brand lights, we here appreciate Auxbeam, thank you!