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  LED light bar is more and more popular these years. Every time someone wants to upgrade his off-road vehicles or his pickup truck... Auxbeam LED Light Bar Reviews


LED light bar is more and more popular these years. Every time someone wants to upgrade his off-road vehicles or his pickup truck would always think of LED light bar. But what kind of light bar would you like to choose? Which brand is better? Auxbeam, one of the LED light bar manufacturers and has many hot sales products in affordable price. So here I want to show you Auxbeam led light bar reviews and help you choose the best led light bar for the money.


Where LED light bars install?

LED light bars mainly work as the auxiliary lighting in order to add more lighting to drive on the dark driving ways. Some places are not equipped with street lamps as they are not in the cities. Some countries like the US, there are more towns than cities and each town is far away from the other. Thus, it is very hard to see without ample light. As the time goes by, the factory car lights will be dimmer so you will need to change the dim light with the bright ones. So, LED light bar can fix all these problems. LED light bars can be the driving lights, the DRL, the side markers light, etc. With the best LED light bar in different size and installing on different places, your off-road can be driven in the dark as if it is in the daytime.


So where to install the different size LED light bars and use them best? We will take Jeep Wrangler as an example for the best led light bar installation guide.


Front Bumper

led light bar on the front bumperMost Off-road vehicles are installed the front bumper, as front bumper can protect the front part of the off-road vehicle in case of the vehicle destroy. And the front bumper is the easiest place to install the LED light bar. Installing the light bar on the front bumper can help you see the front road clearly and it will not block your driving view as it is installed below. There are often some holes drilled for you to install the light bar. Yet, if there are no holes, you can still drill it yourself and it is very easy. With the holes, the light bar can be easily installed with no auxiliary mounting parts. Everything the light bar is including.


As there are many different size front bumpers, take Jeep Wrangler for example. If there is a place for installing the light bar, you can directly put the light bar on and use the LED light bar brackets to tighten the screws. Normally the best led light bar for front bumper is about 20 inch and you can also install some 3-4 inch led light pods. If there is no mounting hole, you can directly install a light bar in the size you prefer. Normally a light bar about 40 inch can be installed. Yet, different front bumper can install different size light bar. You still need to measure the size for you front bumper before buy a light bar.


A-pillar Mount

led light bar on the A-pillarA-pillar is located at the lower windshield. LED pod lights and some small size driving lights can be installed on the A-pillar as the width light, which can help you see both side widely. Together with the factory headlight and the front bumper light bar can greatly increase your visibility.


Installing on the A-pillar needs A-pillar mounts. And also, you will need to do some drilling. These A-pillar mounts are very cheap and easy to get at Auxbeam. When you install the pod lights or the driving lights, the drilling holes will help to wire the lights to the battery.


Above the Windshield

led light bar above the windshieldInstalling above the windshield you can have the best overall visibility with the greatest light angle. Above the windshield, you can install light bar over 50 inch. But still, you have to purchase the windshield mounts as well in order to support the light bars. Also, you will need to drill some holes as well. If you want to get the maximum number of lumens, then you have to get a 50 inch light bar and install there. It will make your off-road glittering in the light.


In fact, you can choose to install them all on your off-road like the picture below and choose any part you want. Choose your own place to install the LED light bars.


What is the Best LED Light Bar Feature?

As mentioned above, LED light bar are versatile and have different function while installing on different locations. However, how to know what the features and capabilities you need to know about the best LED light bar on the market. Let’s continue.


Length & Shape

There is various length for LED light bars for you to choose from. Pods are mainly 3-5 inch and small work light bars are 7-12 inch. The 20-30 inch light bar can fit the grille, front bumper, lower bumpers and the hood. The 40 inch may fit the front bumper and mainly for the UTVs for the windshield. 50 inch light bars can perfectly fit for the windshield of SUVs and trucks. Besides, there are two shapes for LED light bars—curved and straight. For Jeep, the straight led light bar would be more common to see on any location you want to install. For other SUV and trucks, curved led light bars can more compatible with the bumper and windshield as the vehicles are designed in the arc shape in the front.


Beam Pattern

There are mainly 3 types of beam pattern—flood beam and spot beam as well as the combination of them. Every light bar is designed to be in flood beam, spot beam or the combo beam. Flood beam and help to see in a wide scope and spot beam and help to see farther. As for combo beam, it is combined both the advantages of the flood beam and spot beam, so light bar over 20 inch may usually made in combo beam.



Besides the lighting design, you also need to know the cause for making the best led light bar you choose broken—water or dust. As you light bar is exposed to the air, you will need to notice whether the light bar is in high-rated protection. For the light bar, there is an ingress protection rate (IP rate), which is mainly the index for the protection of waterproof and dust-proof. Normally, there are several rates that can be mainly seen in the light bar description. When you choose a light bar, you can choose a light bar IP67, IP68 or even IP69K.


There are still some features you need to pay attention to when you want to buy the best light bar, like the led chips category, color temperature, beam angle and so on. Those I have written other blogs to describe in detail.


Best LED Light Bar Series in Auxbeam

5D series LED Light Bar

5D-series led light barAuxbeam has applied the 5D fisheye lens to design our 5D series light bars. Fish eye lens will projector light very far. Not like the old 4D fisheye, whose flood beam is almost the same as spot beam, 5D can projector light wider and farther.



V-series led light barWith 5D lens are popular for light bars, some would love the light giving more colors than just one light. So, V-series is produced. From the appearance, you cannot tell whether it is V-series light bar or 5D light bar. However, when you turn them on, you can know that the V-series is the multicolor version of 5D Light Bar. And you can control the light bar with APP control on your cell phone.

Classic Reflector Light Bar

projector led light barBesides the projector lens, there is still another way to projector light—reflector cup. In fact, the reflector cup appeared long ago as the light bar appeared. Many classic style light bars are made of reflector cups, which can reflector light in any dimension without any blocks. Many light bar manufacturers still love to sell light bars designed with reflector cups.


Here in Auxbeam, we have the dual row light bar, triple row light bar and quad-row light bar designed with reflector cups. How many rows do you prefer for light bars? And the difference between the projector lens and reflector? Please see on previous blogs in detail.


Aux-trend series

Aux-trend series led light barNot like those light bars above, aux-trend series are a series light bars in single row Though in the single row, every led for this series light bar is 7W, really powerful. Integrated with both projector lens and reflector lens, Aux-Trend can give out a huge bright light. All this series use 7W LEDs per chips. Also, this series not only has bright white but also atmosphere lights.


Here is a chart listed compared all the series I have mention before and help you to choose the best led light bar in Auxbeam.

5D series V-series Dual Row reflector light bar Honeycomb series Quad-beam series Aux-trend series
Size 22, 32, 42, 52 inch in curved and straight 22, 32, 42, 52 in curved and straight 4, 7, 9, 12, 20, 23 inch in straight 14-52 inch in curved and straight 22, 32, 42, 52 inch in curved and straight 12-30 inch in straight
Watt/led 3W 3W 3W 1W 1W 7W
Lumen/w 100lm/w 100lm/w 100lm/w 100lm/w 100lm/w 60lm/W
Light theory Projector Projector Reflector Reflector Reflector Projector + Reflector
Wiring/Brackets With wiring harness, side brackets With wiring harness, control box and side brackets Without wiring harness.

With necessary brackets

Without wiring harness.

With necessary brackets

Without wiring harness.

With necessary brackets

Without wiring harness.

With necessary brackets

IP rate Ip67 Ip67 Ip67 Ip67 Ip67 Ip67
Lifetime 50,000 hours 50,000 hours 50,000 hours 30,000 hours 30,000 hours 30,000-50,000 hours
Features Projector lens, light farther Multicolor color light bar controlled by APP Reflector classic light bar Triple row light bar Quad row light bar Single row light bar with atmosphere function

All Auxbeam light bar on sale are listed on the LED light bar reviews above, you can check and choose the best light bar you prefer. If you want to know more detail, please check our website. If you have any questions, please leave a message to service@auxbeam.com.


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