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LED light bars are high-quality and brightest for your off road, truck, motorcycle, ATV/UTV and the other vehicles. The series of LED light bars... Auxbeam LED Light Bars

LED light bars are high-quality and brightest for your off road, truck, motorcycle, ATV/UTV and the other vehicles.

The series of LED light bars are the perfect addition to your vehicles. They are durable and stable to withstand the harsh environment. If you want to strong off-road LED light bar that will keep shining through the entire driving journey, you can get one. We promise that these lights are the perfect choice for your vehicles.


One of the important things you maybe consider is the size. We provide customers in a range of sizes vary from 4 inch to 54 inch. All of these light bars, no matter their size, are strong and durable enough to serve as off road lights and will ensure that you are able to navigate even the most treacherous road. Besides their strength, these LED off road lights shine bright enough to light up a dark, illuminated area like it was the middle of day. Brightness is probably the biggest factor of what makes a great LED light bar. We use quality OSRAM, PHILIPS and CREE LEDs to give you the highest performance possible.

Along with varying in size, these light bars also come in single row LED light bar and dual row LED light bar. We also design curved LED light bar to contour the grill of your vehicles. Outfitting a truck, motorcycle, or ATV with light bars has become an increasingly popular choice for both on-road and off-road motorist. At the same time, that can improve the looks and safety of their vehicles.


This year, AuxBeam introduces a series of the new type of fisheye projector lens. Such kind of projector lens is ultra-focus, making a super long lighting distance. Each light bar fit most vehicles perfectly most of the vehicles with the provided brackets.


114While there are a lot of imitations on the market, we work tirelessly to search out and offer only the best and the brightest LED bars made by the most reliable, trusted manufacturers. If you want to give your vehicle a cool, beneficial upgrade, then our selection of bars is the perfect choices. At Auxbeam, we stock only the best LED light bars for trucks, ATVs, Motorcycles, and a variety of other styles optimized for vehicles such as UTVs and boats and conditions such as both on-road and off-road use. Whichever size and style you choose, these lights are guaranteed to last as long as you need.

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