After some times driving, I am sure most of you would like to hand-wash your vehicles. You will find that not only the wheels but the windows, even the lights are dirty. You probably cannot wait to clean all them up. Yet, you may discover that the headlight, the LED light bars you mounted on the bumper and the windshield are all dirty and scratched. You will probably wonder why the LED light bars would be that. In facts, you underestimate the power of wind and sand. During driving, the sand and small rocks crack the headlight assembly, which will cause several hundred dollars of repairing fee. Do you ever think this can be saved as you can just add some light covers to protect the lights?


light covers

Usually, people would like to make their lights can see through in the foggy days and rainy days, so some of you would probably choose to add fog light to your vehicles. However, with Auxbeam light covers, you can just use the amber covers on your lights. The LED can give out yellow light as fog light does. So you can install not just fog lights on your vehicles, but any kinds of LED lights with amber light covers. If you want the LED lights can emit in different color but cannot find the color light bar you want in the market. You can just add a cover to your LED lights. Auxbeam now has got amber, red, blue and black light cover, and more different colors like green will hit the market soon.

Do not hesitate and protect your LED lights from now on at Auxbeam.