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Wherever you drive your vehicles, you need to see everything clearly around you, in fact, installing one light or more lights will make a... Auxbeam Lighting 5 ” COB LED Motorcycle Headlight

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Wherever you drive your vehicles, you need to see everything clearly around you, in fact, installing one light or more lights will make a lot of difference. A pair of auxiliary LED lights can penetrate fog, drizzle and any inclement weather. An LED light can light up every corner in the trunk, hood or car interior. Adding auxiliary light to motorcycle become more and more popular in order to guarantee security. Now, I want to introduce a new kind of headlight–5″ Scalloped Hi-lo Beam Motorcycle Silver High Power COB LED Headlight.

Using COB LED as light source, this LED headlight has perfect illumination. Yet, someone may have a question. What is COB? Now, let’s know something about the COB. Nowadays, there are mainly 3 kinds of the technology of light source. SMD, COB and MCOB. SMD is short for surface mounted devices, which means emitting diodes are directly mounted on the surface of the light. It has the advantage of wider lighting angels, which can be up to 120-160 degree, high efficiency compared with the earlier plug-in package, good precision, low weld rate and small size, etc. For COB (chip-on-board), it means the chip light source that is directly attached to the metal substrate high specular reflectance of the surface light source integrated high-efficiency technology, which removed the stent concept, no plating, no reflow, no patch process, so step reduction. Using this technology can reduce nearly one-third working process and save one-third cost. MCOB (Multiple Chips On Board), in fact, it is multi-cup integrated COB packaging technology, which is expanding COB packaging technology, MCOB package is put directly on the optical chip inside the cup on each single chip coated phosphor and completed the dispensing processes.

Traditional SMD package in the form of patches to multiple discrete devices attached to the PCB, which forms LED application light source assembly. Using this way can cause points of light, glaring and ghosting problem with this approach. As the COB packaging is an integrated package. It is a surface light source with large viewing angle and easy to adjust, reducing the loss of light refraction. You can also add the appropriate red chips, which can effectively improve the color of the light source with the premise of not significantly reducing the light efficiency and lifespan.



Measured by 5” wide, 5and 1/8 ” deep and 5” long, this LED headlight is scallop sculpted back with perfect Hi-lo beam. The cover for the LED light is like an armor that guards the LED light. High transmission and correct curved glass lens for better light spread provide good field of view while driving in poor visibility.

This 5” headlight is perfectly fit any 10mm threaded Harley Davidson old school bobber/chopper models, such as DYNA, Sportster, Touring, Softail and V-Rod etc. if you want to mount it to the lower rear, you need to get the lights as low down as possible, which is perfect for springers, telescopic forks, wide and narrow glides. Auxbeam Lighting now has this LED headlight for black and silver, you can choose according to your motorcycle. https://www.auxbeam.com/blog/92619001

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