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In our previous blog, we mainly talk about modification for LED light bars or LED headlight bulbs. Yet, lots of offroad enthusiasts would love... Auxbeam Motorcycle Headlight for Harley

In our previous blog, we mainly talk about modification for LED light bars or LED headlight bulbs. Yet, lots of offroad enthusiasts would love to modify their two-wheel vehicles—motorcycle. For motorcycles, many people would love Harley, since it is so cool. After seeing movies like like Captain America, The Terminator, etc, every man would love to own a Harley. Some enthusiasts may have this dream come true and own a Harley themselves. Now it is time to give your Harley more power.


7 inch headlight for Harley

Auxbeam not only sells LED light bars or headlight bulbs for cars or trucks but also motorcycle headlights. Some LED headlight bulbs can also fit motorcycles. Here we want to share with you Auxbeam new arrival 7 inch OSRAM hi-lo beam headlight for Harley. It can directly replace the factory sealed beam headlight. This headlight combines Hi-lo beam together with angel eye (halo ring). It mainly has two colors—amber and white. Amber light is mainly used in halo ring in foggy or rainy weather. White light can be used as halo ring as well and the hi-lo beam function.

Since there are so many function for this headlight, some people would think that the wiring would be very difficult. Here I will show you how to wire it. The headlight has a plug and two wiring harnesses coming together. The plug on the headlight has two pole—negative and positive. The positive pole connect to the H4 to H13 wiring and connect to the factory headlight plug. The negative pole connect to the other wiring harness. That wiring harness contains three wirings—red, brown and yellow. The red wiring stands for the white halo ring; the red wiring and the yellow wiring stand for the left turn signal; the red wiring and the brown wiring stand for the right turn signal; all the three wiring together stand for the amber halo ring. You can choose which one you would like to turn on.

Before installing this headlight, you can do these steps first to avoid moisture.

Step 1: Find the 4pcs breathing papers (Waterproof Breather) at the back of the the light

Step 2: Remove the breathing papers, but do not throw them away.

Step 3: Light on the light for about 1-2 hours, then put the breathing papers back until the air inside is out.

This solution can also be applied when there is moisture inside. If only a few fog inside, there is no need to remove the breathing papers.https://www.auxbeam.com/blog/more-lights/led-motorcycle-headlight/92623644

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