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Some Jeep Wrangler owners always complain that the supplied headlights are high energy consumption and have the very poor lighting effects. They need suitable... Auxbeam new series Hi-Lo LED headlight with innovative design and super bright

LED headlight

Some Jeep Wrangler owners always complain that the supplied headlights are high energy consumption and have the very poor lighting effects. They need suitable replacement headlights eagerly. Hence, in order to help more such customers, Auxbeam Lighting has released a new series of Hi-Lo LED headlights. It is 7 inch high and has a round shape, and the cutting edge LED technology makes the headlight to be long lasting, minimal energy consuming and super bright. They are applied to 1997-2015 Jeep Wrangler, and 1993-2014 Land Rover Defender, too.


Headlight size

The Hi-Lo LED headlights housing is made of aluminum for extra durability while doubling as heat sink and this solid-state can withstand vibration & shock with ease. The round projector and D-shape projector lens is another selling point of the headlights. They have two modes: high beam and low beam. The 40W high beam needs all LEDs on, the 20W low beam needs only two side LEDs on. Never mind, if you purchase it, it will come with a H13 to H4 adapter harness for Jeep Wrangler JK, which guarantee the headlight can directly replace stock 7 inch round seal-beam headlights. We promise that all products are tested to fit your vehicle and function like the original.



LED headlights provide extended visibility to the road ahead with farther range and wider angle coverage. The extreme long life of LED lights, low temperature characteristic make them superior to all other lighting systems. These innovative headlights help create lighting that is powerful and iconic, not only in the dark of night, but also in broad daylight. They are aesthetically pleasing and it also increases visibility to others, whether you are coming or going. They greatly enhance safety night time driving with long and dark conditions.




LED headlight technology produces light at high beam of 3980 lumen, about the same as daylight, and the low beam of 1900 lumen, thus helps your eyes perceive more contrast. They experience less strain. And those dark stretches of road become a little less daunting. Since LEDs are four times more efficient than conventional bulbs, the vehicles alternator isn’t required to replenish as much energy. This helps reduce the load put on the vehicles engine and enhances the vehicles efficiency. All LED replacement headlights are manufactured to be 100% exact copies of the original factory headlights in terms of size, shape and functions, therefore you just need to unplug your stock headlights and plug these new LED headlights.


Anyway, if you are interested at it, just contact us with any question. We will be willing to do that.

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