For many people, when the sun goes down, it means the end of the driving. But if you are one of the drivers who cannot get enough, there is a way that you can see better at night. Recent advances in LED technology have made into the off-road world, it has completely changed the rules of the game. These lights are extremely durable and can accommodate abuse that off-road riding can dish out. In addition, they are very bright and far reaching. You can reach the throttle confident because you can clearly see all the obstacles in your path, when you have your machine completely controlled.


light bars on the roof

Installing an LED light bar on the roof is not a hard thing. You just need a few steps.

First, measure the length of your UTV’s roof to see what size of light bars can fit your UTV.

Second, select the light bars you like. Auxbeam provides you high quality LED light bars ranging from 4inch to 54inch. You can trust in Auxbeam for high cost performance LED light bars.

Third, while installing the light bar. Please pay attention to unplug the battery first. For installing, you can just use the brackets coming with the light bar. Measure the place to hold the light bar. Then install the brackets. Some minor drills are needed. While finishing installing the brackets, you can directly install the light bar. Tighten the screws. Drill a bigger hole to put the wirings to the electricity system of the UTV.

Then you can drive your UTV whenever you want, without fearing that there is no light ahead. Check the video below, you can know how bright Auxbeam LED light bar is. Choose Auxbeam for your UTVs.