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4” LED light bar


4″ LED light bar

As LED technology continues to improve, more and more offroad enthusiasts begin to replace their stock lighting system with LED lights on the vehicle. Auxbeam provides many kinds of LED lights for your vehicles, such as led light bar, led driving light, led fog light and so on. This time I will review a new series 4” led work light.

The work light rated at 2000lm and a color temperature of 6000K. So what does most of that mean, here is the answer: lumen is the amount of visible light it gives off. A color temperature of 6000K means the light will be viewed as mostly white, as you go over the 6000 mark the light starts to turn blue. The LED’s in the light are made by Philips, a well-known Netherland manufacture.

The 4D fisheye lens is designed to project light on extreme distance but ensure high brightness in close quarters. It produces tons of softer light, which is not glare and will not dazzle the on-coming traffic, and the light is extreme bright even in daytime but consuming little power. The housing is made of die-cast aluminum, which ensures the light has better function of waterproof, dustproof, quakeproof and anticorrosion for harsh environment. The wider working voltage makes it apply to off road vehicle, truck, ATV/UTV, motorcycle, marine, agriculture, and so on.


Innovative design

The installation:

Just what I mentioned above, you can install the light anywhere on your vehicle. Let’s make an example, I will install it on Jeep Wrangler. First, you can take it for driving light, just purchase a bull bar or grille guard, and drill holes to mount the 4” led work light. Then you can take it for fog light, just replace your stock fog light directly, no cutting or drilling, maybe the light it produces will be brighter than your stock one. Next, if you want to illuminate both side of your Jeep, avoiding the scratch from the buildings and trees on the roadside, you can install it on the A-pillar with mounting brackets. There are many ways to install the 4” led work lights; you can modify your lighting system of your vehicles according to your needs.


4″ work light on the bull bar


4″ work light on the front bumper


4″ work light on the A-pillar

Scroll down to watch the video below, text the quality of the 4” led work light.


Selling point:

Affordable price, under $50

Innovative design, 4D fisheye lens

Extremely bright than was expected


Time will tell how well it holds up, but for right now we are very impressed with the light. If you are debating about adding some lights to your Jeep or are looking for a gift idea for the special Jeep owner you know, this one is worth your consideration.

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