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50” led light bar

23” led light bar


Jeep Cherokee light bar


With the advance of LED technology, many led lights are designed to fit vehicle, such as Jeep, Chevrolet, Ford, and so on. More and more drivers prefer to redesign the style of their vehicles with different lighting decorations. They can replace their old-fashioned or broken lamps with latest high-tech advancements, whether you require LED headlights, driving lights, or led light bars.

This time we decide to redesign 1984 Jeep Cherokee XJ, we get a 50” Led straight light bar on the upper windshield and a 23” led light bar on the front bumper for a review. Facilitate more customers who own Jeep Cherokee to know more about lighting modification.

The 50” 288W PHILIPS LED light bar rated at 28800 lumens and a color temperature of 6000K. So what does most of that mean, here is the answer: lumen is the amount of visible light it gives off. A color temperature of 6000K means the light will be viewed as mostly white, as you go over the 6000 mark the light starts to turn blue. The LEDs in the bar are made by PHILIPS. The 23” 126W led light bar rate at 12600 lumens and a color temperature of 6000K, too, and the LEDs in the bar are made by CREE, a well know manufacture.


50″ led light bar


The installation:

First we figure out the location of upper windshield for 50” led light bar would be perfect. However, this location does require you to purchase additional mounting hardware, DIY mounting brackets is an easy job for us. You can DIY them according to the shape and process of the video below. Decide the shape of your mounting brackets and cut two piece of hard iron. Drill holes on the side of the hard iron to place the support of the 50” led light bar, and the other side sticks to the tunnel of your Cherokee XJ. Repeat the installation process of the passenger side, and then tighten the screws included. The installation is totally completely.

If you don’t know how to DIY the mounting hardware, you can get one from Auxbeam. The mounting brackets are just for 50” curved led light bar, but the lighting effect and installation process are the same.


50″ curved light bar


Next, we mount 23” led light bar on the front bumper. If you have not bull bar or grill guard with existing holes to install 23” led light bar, you can drill holes on the front bumper directly. Measure the location and stick the mounting brackets to it with screws included. Place the light bar on the front bumper through the supports and tighten it, your installation for 23” led light bar is complete.


23″ led light bar


Both of installation requires some drilling to wire the harness wiring kit. Connect the ACC, adjust the direction of both lights to get maximum amount of quality light.

Both of lights put out a lot of light. Time will tell how well it holds up, but for right now we are very impressed with them. If you debating about adding some lights to your Jeep or are looking for a gift idea for the special Jeep owner you know, this one is worth your consideration.


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