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6” 30 W slim LED work light


Led work light let you light up any road, track or trail no matter how dark the night or how wicked the weather. Brilliant selection of offroad lights and truck lights provide your vehicle with cutting-edge style and long-lasting radiance. Whether you are looking to swap out those dull factory headlights or want to customize your ride’s look, Auxbeam’s selection of led work lights provide the perfect solution.


To enable more customers to understand our products, we get another LED work light for review. The 30W 6” LED work light rated at 3000 lumens and a color temperature of 6000K. So what does most of that mean, here is the answer: lumens is the amount of visible light it gives off, a color temperature of 6000K means the light will be viewed as mostly white, as you go over the 6000 mark the light starts to turn blue. The LED chips in the bar are made by PHILIPS, a well-known manufacturer.


The 6” slim light bar contains 4D fisheye hyperspot lens with high power PHILIPS LEDs inside. They are designed to project light on extreme distance but ensure high brightness in close quarters, extremely bright even in daytime but consuming little power. Full aluminum housing is for extra durability while doubling as heat sink and guarantee them have the better function of waterproof, dustproof, quakeproof and anti-corrosion for harsh environment. They are applied to offroad vehicle lighting, emergency & rescue lighting, ATV/UTV/Golf cart lighting, boat& marine lighting, agriculture vehicle lighting, and so on, and the adjustable brackets make the installation easier.



First, scroll down to see the picture and watch our video below with the installation of the mounting bracket included, which is the first step to mount it on any vehicle.


Then, just like the picture below, you can mount the 6” slim led work light on the front bumper with bull bar. Drill two holes on the bull bar if they don’t have when you purchase. Mount the 6” slim led work light on the bull bar and adjust the lights to the direction you want, tighten them with screws included. Connect the wiring harness and turn on the light, test the brightness and quality of the 6” slim led work light. The installation is totally completely.



Price, affordable, just under $100

Included mounting system work for all applications

More light than was expected


We think that for only being a 6” slim led work light, this thing puts out a lot of light. Time will tell how well it holds up, but for right now we are very impressed with the unit. If you debating about adding more lights to your Jeep or are looking for a gift idea for the special Jeep owner you know, this one is worth your consideration.


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