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In about the 40s to 50s (maybe a little earlier), turn signal lights may be not necessary. You can drive your offroad on the... Auxbeam Turn Signal Light Installation

In about the 40s to 50s (maybe a little earlier), turn signal lights may be not necessary. You can drive your offroad on the street with being arrested by the police officers. Because your offroad is either too old to have turn signal lights or just they don’t even care about whether you have them or not. In about 1960s, turn signal lights are adopted worldwide. Therefore, nowadays, all vehicles have turn signal lights and in fact, it is very useful. The turn signal lights is a dynamic device information installed in the front or rear body of the vehicles. It provides security for your traffic and the safety of others when cornering.

13However, the factory turn signal light will be dim after several years. So how about doing a little modification, and change the factory turn signal lights into a pair of brand new LED ones. Auxbeam offers you’re a new pair of front turn signal light for 2007-2015 Jeep Wrangler. This pair of turn signal lights are amber with 8pieces of LEDs. The materials are durable ABS plastic, which can be totally weatherproof. As the light is amber, the color temperature is 2000K. As a matter of fact, in the early 1960s, the turn signal lights are normally white or red. Until 1963, the amber signal lights went with the legal stumbles in some states and in 1968, amber became the only permissible color for front turn signal lights.

Installing this Auxbeam LED turn signal lights are pretty easy. What you need maybe just a screwdriver and the lights.

  1. Open up the hood and remove the six tabs on the top of the grille. You can just pull out the 6 screws by your fingers or the screwdriver.
  2. After removing the 6 tabs, you can just unplug the grille.

installation process

  1. Unclipping the wiring harness of the two wiring signal lights. Just unplug the pulling it out.

installation process

  1. As the grille has been removed, the turn signal lights can be unplugged by pushing it on the tab and the factory turn signal light can slide out and change the new LED turn signal light back on.

installation process


  1. After installing the Auxbeam LED turn signal light, you can reinstall the grille and the 6 screws back in place.

The final look

How easy the installation is! So don’t hesitate, get your LED turn signal lights on Auxbeam.com now.



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