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Reasons why I like the X Series light bars: Daytime running light integrated into the light bar Customizable with colored filters (Make the light... AUXBEAM X Series LED Light Bars on 2016 Polaris Ranger 900

Reasons why I like the X Series light bars:

Daytime running light integrated into the light bar

Customizable with colored filters (Make the light your own and change it easily)

Good Quality affordable lights

Multiple mounting options


42″ X Series Curved Light Bar Install on a 2016 Polaris Ranger 900

Step 1:  Finding the location I want to mount the light bar.  I choose to mount on the front side of the roof and use holes that were already drilled from the factory frame.  I did have to drill through the plastic roof.  I am using the sliding feet for the install on my Polaris.  Had to make some spacers to raise the light to clear the roof.  Because of the spacers I need to get longer bolts to through the roof.

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Step 2:  Once the light was mounted I started to run the wiring harness. The Auxbeam harness comes with everything you need to hook up the lights and get them working.  All you need to do is connect to the battery (red wire +, and black wire -).  Then you need a switched + (power with key on only) and another – for the light switch.  Keep all wires away from moving and hot parts.  I am going to modify the harness so I can use a factory looking switch on the dash.  I cut the original switch off the harness and will run the trigger wires to two separate switches to allow me to turn on the DRL and the main light separately.  The relays are run under the dash and the positive and negative wires are run to the terminals that Polaris uses for all. It’s accessories under the hood.  There is also a keyed terminal there also that I used for a keyed power source.  I ran the harness under the center floorboard and into the battery area.  From there I went behind the passenger seat and to the back of the roof where the wires that connect to the light bar are.  Once the headliner is installed you will not see the wires.  I had to extend the harness to go this route but was well worth it.  With the switches wired up and the harness run to the lights I tested them to make sure everything was working.  With a successful test next I cleaned up and secured all my wires.  Reinstalled all the body parts removed.

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Review of the lights

The light is very bright.  I can run with only the 42″ light bar on and see almost as well as daylight.  I like that I can turn it into a spot beam or a flood beam by installing the filters.  I can customize the light to how I need it and if my needs change I can change the light easily.  I would recommend the Auxbeam light to anybody looking for an affordable good quality light.


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