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Unless you are hosting some holiday parties, chances are you’ll hit the road in the next few days. At that time, the best option... Benefits of the Vehicle Fog Light

Unless you are hosting some holiday parties, chances are you’ll hit the road in the next few days. At that time, the best option is to get away from the traffic jams and look for alternate schedules to get you where you need to. It means it might be best to travel late at night – or before the sun wakes up. As a result, the car’s lighting system which consists of lights and signaling devices which are fixed into the various parts of the motor vehicle is required. Fog light is the most important components of this system.

The Vehicle fog light as its name already suggests, acts as a major pointer to its existence as it caters for any climatic disturbances that undermine the driver’s vision. That is storms, blizzards and also difficulties with mist and fog. Thus, due to its positioning, it serves to illuminate the devices installed on the road, and that has the ability to reflect the projected light, which helps to guide the driver to his desired destination.

What are the Functions of the Equipment?

fog lightsThere are people who think that with the fog light, a car looks more beautiful, but these lights also have more functions in the darkness and fog.

Fog lights are used to illuminate situations where you have to see what is in front of the vehicle, as it is when there is fog. It is highly efficient because the lighting it provides is different, the light beam is open, and ensures the driver is located easily on the road. It also has a short range, but wide enough for you to have an illumination when close to other vehicles. Furthermore, the fog light which usually comes in yellow color is highly powerful and useful when following the lines of the edge of the road. Due to the color, it can also be used alone or together with a headlamp of short and long range.

The Efficiency of Yellow Fog Lights

The yellow lighting of cars is not a coincidence, as the automotive press regularly indicates by tests that yellow fog lights are more effective in vehicles than their current counterparts; the white lighting. With  Yellow Fog Lights, a greater illumination performance is achieved. This is due to the fact that the yellow color behaves differently in the fog, at the level of the reflection and diffraction of the light. The visibility of the driver is therefore superior through improved contrasts and reliefs of the roadway and the entire environment. In addition, yellow light creates more contrast between fog and asphalt, as long as they are focused downwards, thus illuminating the first meters of the asphalt.

On a more technical level, the fact of carrying the yellow fog light tends to improve vision at night, since it suppresses the short blue wavelengths of the light projected by the lamp. These blue waves are usually more difficult to process by the human visual system and can cause reflections on rain, fog, and snow problems.

The Difference Between the Factory Fog Light and the LED Fog Light

led fog lightAs earlier highlighted, fog lights have an important safety function as they indicate deceleration and directional variation by improving vehicle recognition in the dark or under unfavorable visibility conditions by other road users.

A good fog light produces a wide beam with a sharp horizontal cut, and from research, it has been inferred that many factory-installed fog lights do not meet this standard. This occurs because the orientation of the fog light is incorrect.

Drivers turn on car fog lights when the weather is bad and need help seeing the area immediately ahead of the vehicle, the painted lane markings and the sides of the road. Unfortunately, what many drivers receive from their factory fog lights are very small beams of light to make a difference except in the production of brightness that disrupts the view of the approaching drivers. Today,  dealer-optional fog lights known as the LED Fog Lights have been provided as excellent substitutes to make up for all shortcomings experienced with the use of factory fog lights.

LEDs have been known for more than half a century and have been used in a myriad of simple applications such as the LED fog lights. Compared to factory fog lights, LED fog lights come with great advantages for vehicles and other road users.

The Best Kinds of Vehicle Fog Lights

As earlier highlighted, adequate lighting is essential for safe driving, and since the fog lights of a car are decisive in emergencies or immobilizations in poorly lit roads, it is highly advisable for drivers to pick the best quality available. Three kinds of  vehicle fog lights which have been tested and confirmed to be adequate through many user reviews include:

1. The Philips Square LED Fog Light

fog lightThe 3 Inch 20W Philips Square LED Fog Light(4D Hyperspot)  is a fog light replacement which is configured to transfer light through longer distances while ensuring higher brightness. This fog light also comes with high power LEDs, 4D Fish eye hyperspot lens and is extremely bright even in daytime.

More of its pros include:

  • Little power consumption
  • 3inch compact cube size
  • Softer light with no glare
  • Suitable aluminum casing for maximum durability

2. The Bicolor Series LED POD Light

fog lights ledAs the name implies, this is a Fog light replacement that comes with dual color design to aid clear and consistent vision. Before using this light, it is best to check whether it is fit for your vehicle and if you have any difficulty in installation, its best to seek the help of a professional installer.

More of its pros include:

  • High-quality aluminum alloy body
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Good vertical fins design for enhanced cooling.
  • Excellent anti-rust and dustproof

3. The Auxbeam LED Fog Light Bulbs

fog light yellowAuxbeam LED fog light bulbs have been provided as a great option for vehicle owners who desire to upgrade their halogen bulbs.  Furthermore, they come in white and amber colors as a perfect fit for American and Japanese cars.

More of its pros include:

  • Improved vehicle visibility in bad weather
  • Improved driving comfort
  • Security gain
  • Savings (quality bulbs last longer)
  • Aesthetic improvement of your vehicle

In conclusion, fog lights give vehicles better visibility on the road in times of fog and other unfavorable conditions. They also provide much more benefits as highlighted above and for more help, as regards fog lights and general vehicle lighting, Auxbeam is at your service.

Auxbeam stands as one among the supplies and manufacturers of car LED lights and other accessories. It also focuses majorly on providing fine and affordable products for maximum customer satisfaction.

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