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There are good reasons why LED light bars have sidelined the older halogen models over the past years. The best LED light bar not... Best Light Bar–Not A Luxury But A Necessity

There are good reasons why LED light bars have sidelined the older halogen models over the past years. The best LED light bar not only looks cool but also give trucks and other vehicles an option of brighter light and better visibility at night.

When traveling on the highway at night, you do not know what the road ahead holds for you. Unknown trails, mountain roads, sand dunes, any tough terrain can bring obstacles on your way without previous warning. A low light option in your vehicle can make it more difficult to travel safely. Keeping your safety and the right kind of illumination in mind choose the best LED light bar for your car.

Light bars have become “must-have” car accessories, especially for better outdoor night vision. Comparing the various LED light bars and choosing the best LED light bar can save you from poor vision, repeated replacements and assist in comfortable driving.

What Is The Best LED Light Bar

best led light bar chipsNot only that, LED light bars last much longer as compared to ordinary incandescent lights. The filaments of ordinary lights get damaged with use in the long run and on an average last 15,000 hours. Some of the best LED light bars efficiently work anywhere between 25,000 and 100,000 hours, way more than the regular bulbs.

Innovatively designed, CREE LED light bar comes in a wide range of options to suit various kinds of vehicles, trucks, boats, heavy equipment and other applications. CREE LED light bar has its own place in the market and is one of the most reputed and trusted brands.

Why CREE LED Light Bar Is The Best

To buy the best LED light bar for vehicles you need a little bit of knowledge about how to differentiate between various options offered by different companies. Along with the pricing, you need to consider the performance, longevity, brightness, wattage and much more. Here is a quick look at LED light bar options from reputed brands and a comparison between them to help you choose the best LED light bar for your vehicle.


Brighter of the CREE LED light bar is better! When you are shopping for additional lighting attachments, you are looking for superior brightness. CREE LED light bar is a popular choice among the motorists for the best raw lumen output of 130 lumens per watt. CREE LED light bar maintains around 95 percent luminosity all through its lifetime.

Considered the best, CREE LED light bar produce extremely good light output per watt. It is better not to be fooled by fake, cheap LED light bars available in the market which burnout easily. Phillips LED also has a good brightness. Buy only the best LED light bar to ensure greater brightness and prolonged life.

best led light bar


Your off-road driving will bring many challenges. The wattage of your lighting equipment will be of great importance during the dark nights. A wrong choice will not only mean wastage of money but also risk, every time when you drive off-road. CREE LED light bar typically use a 3watt Cree LED and a 50″ light bar that contains 90 or more LED’s with a lumen rating of 27000 or greater is recommended.

Light bars with Epistar LEDs are cheaper. Although, they are come in 3watt designs but do not emit brightness like CREE LEDs. CREE LEDs emit whiter light that looks more like daylight when compared to Epistar LEDs which are rather yellowish and emit light like 2 watt light sources.

Life Span

Another reason why CREE LED light bar is considered the best LED light bar is its prolonged lifespan of 50,000 hours which is similar to Phillips LED. Compared to that Osram’s LED has a lifespan of around 11,000 hours and Epistar of 35000 hours. When you are paying the price, why not go for the longest running LEDs?

Company’s reputation

When you are investing your hard earned money in car accessories, you want the best LED light bar installed in your vehicle. Buying one that is produced by a reputed company like CREE which will work unfailingly for years! CREE LED light bar is produced by a USA based brand that strives to make its customers happy and satisfied.



































50,000 hours



35,000 hours



50,000 hours



11,000 hours


Different Light Bar Installation Position

auxbeam best led light barThe mounting position of the light bar is integral to the lighting process. Correct placement can maximize the effect of the light bar. Consider the intended use, your budget, technical abilities, personal preference and accessories that are included with some of the best LED light bars to make it a convenient process.

Some of the best mounting positions are:

  • Front bumper
  • Above the windshield
  • Lower windshield pillar mount
  • Combination of mounting positions

Auxbeam CREE LED Light Bar Review

People looking for the best LED light bar have varied size and length preferences. Some of the most sought after sizes are: 6, 12, 20, 24, 30, 40 and 50 inch LED light bars.

Auxbeam offers CREE LED light bar in a myriad of lengths, colors and beam patterns including the spot, flood, and a combination of beam patterns. This company prides itself for durable and innovative CREE LED light bar designs to suit every one need. Here we will talk about 2 popular CREE light bar series.

5D-Series CREE Combo Straight/Curved LED Light Bar

-Special features: Combo beam pattern (flood beam + spot beam pattern), dual row configuration, with reflector, Oversized grooved heat sink fins extended heat dissipating surface for dissipating heat fast·

4” 18W CREE Flood/Spot Beam Off-road LED Work Light Bar

-Special features: 30 degree (spot beam) pattern, 6063 aluminum profile, aluminum stainless steel bracket. Oversized grooved heat sink fins extended heat dissipating surface for dissipating heat fast.

– 2 piece set, 4 inch, 18 W

auxbeam best led light bar

· V-series RGB Strobe LED Light Bar

-Special features: Bluetooth app remote control, multi RGB light colors, projector reflection, dual row configuration, combo beam pattern, lighting source CREE, available in 22 inch/32 inch/42 inch/52 inch options.

-The iPhone compatible option can be controlled easily.

Auxbeam offers different beam patterns to suit the lens inside the LED light bars. Most of the lens is either projector lens or reflector cups. Usually, reflector cup lens is affordable and preferred by many customers. Projector lens is comparatively new in LED light bar designs. With these, the light bar gives a well-defined spot beam without any scattered light. Choose what you prefer from beam modes, length of bars, wattage to make the best lighting available.

If you are planning to install the superior most LED light bar in your vehicle do not look for cheap alternatives. CREE LED light bar is the answer to the best LED light bar. If you are interested in other lighting or modified parts, please read on to know more.

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