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Auxbeam in 2017 SEMA Show
From October 31st to November 3rd, 2017, there was a grand automotive show at Las Vegas Convention Center in the US—SEMA Show. SEMA show is a world-known trade event for automotive specialty products. Many automobile part manufacturers would like to seize this chance to promote their brand and products... Read more
Auxbeam Headlight Bulbs Customer Review
Written by Chirs Here is my adventure of using Auxbeam LED lights.A while back I bought a few sets of led head lights. I put a set in the sheriff office patrol truck—the 9005 and h11 sets. And just to see what my units thought about the bulbs, so... Read more
Me and My Auxbeam Lights
–written by Auxbeam Customer Dear Auxbeam, I wanted to share my personal story of purchasing and owning Auxbeam products. Till date I have purchased two sets of LED lights bulbs one each of F-16 and S3 series and a C3 Series 23 inch light bar. The entire experience has... Read more
Auxbeam Cross series Light Bar Review
Written by Nathaniel Mcclanahan I’m 16 years old and just got a truck I’ve had it painted and I’ve done a lot of stuff to it since I’ve had it. It was my dad’s truck but he gave it to me and I fixed it up really nice. We used... Read more
Auxbeam LED Cab Light Review
Written by Graylin After I purchase a brand-new truck, I would like to add some lights, since some people would blame you not seeing them when driving right in front. Thus, I decide to choose some cab lights to add on the roof. When searching the Internet, I see there... Read more
Review on Auxbeam Must Have Products
This is written by Auxbeam huge fans Graylin Locklear. I’ve always been an avid Auxbeam supporter. Ever since my Jeep JK installed with their LED headlights, and multiple products, I have driven safely at night. So, of course, I had to have them in my new f250, as well.... Read more
3 inch 20W Philips Spot Light Review
This article is written by Rob Spencer. There are so many light companies out there, picking which way to go is like drawing straws. You just don’t know what you’ll get. There are high end American Made lights out there that are pretty great, but what about the guy who... Read more
Review by Patrick of http://www.addictedtojeeps.com/ This is my first review of an AuxBeam Lighting product. This light set was sent to me by the AuxBeam marketing team, but this review will be an impartial product evaluation. INITIAL IMPRESSIONS The packaging of the lights was excellent – very professional and... Read more
Get Free Light Bar Here at Auxbeam
In order to give our thanks to all Auxbeam customers or people who pay close attention to Auxbeam products, Auxbeam decides to hold a photo contest to give away free light bars for free to you. Not old style products. The final winner can win Auxbeam NEW ARRIVAL each... Read more
Auxbeam LED Headlights & Light Bar Review
This article is written by Graylin Locklear. The experiences that I have had with Auxbeam have been unlike any other company I’ve dealt with today. Auxbeam is an incredible company who is there for the consumer. Always offering the best customer support, ready and willing to help. Auxbeams perfect idea also pertains... Read more