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Osram LEDs VS Philips LEDs
As the technology of LED lighting integrated automotive industry continuously develops, the LED lighting available inside and outside the automobile has been promoted. Though many offroad enthusiasts have join into this latest trend by modifying their offroads with LED lighting, different automobile manufacturers now also take immediate actions. Why... Read more
What is the difference between Cree and Epistar
With the advanced improvement of LED technology, LED lights are accepted by more and more people. Many manufacturers produces LED lights contains LED chips inside, which included the common brand CREE and EPISTAR.   People who like offroad race will know about LED lights, people who know LED lights... Read more
Auxbeam review: 13.5” PHILIPS led light bar
  Links: Direct link to seller’s website: https://www.auxbeam.com/ Direct link to product reviewed: 13.5” led light bar   This time we will try to install a 13.5” led light bar on the rear of the Jeep Wrangler as a reverse light. The 13.5 inch PHILIPS led light bar is... Read more
52inch 300W Philips Straight Combo LED Light Bar
If you have ever heard of LED lighting, you should also know that there are different varieties available including LED bulbs, bars, strips and other fixtures, which are easy to install in many different spots on the vehicles. These LED lights are manufactured to consume much lower amounts of... Read more
Osram LED Lights Apply in Mining
Nowadays, Osram LED Lights are widely used in many field, such as residential lighting, automobile lighting, industrial lighting, etc. Recently, Osram began to be used in mining field replacing fluorescent lamps, which has saved needs for maintenance of fluorescent lamps, and reduced the accident rate. Also in this way,... Read more
Osram , Cree and Epistar, which one will you use?
As far as we have learnt, there are many famous LED chips brands as following: Nichia, Cree, HP, Toyoda GeseiCo, Toshiba, SDK, Philips Lumileds, luxeon, Smileds, Genelite, Osram, Gelcore, Bridgelux, Seoul, Epivalley and etc. they are foreign brands. Made in China Mainland, brands are: Silan, AXT, LM, San’An, Epilight... Read more