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How Many Rows Do You Prefer for Light Bars?
Now, people really prefer to add light bars on their vehicles to light up the road at night. And many different LED light bars in different shapes are rolling in the market. Single row, dual row light bars are the common ones. And now some manufacturers are selling triple... Read more
Auxbeam New Lighting for Vehicles
Auxbeam now has more lighting choice for vehicles. Light bars or headlight bulbs may be the first thing coming to your mind. However, Auxbeam tends to expand the product type. So more and more products would be selling on auxbeam.com. Now Auxbeam has four new lights mainly for being... Read more
Auxbeam RGB Pod Light Is Coming
Auxbeam has produced some really cool light bars that can give out multiple colors. We usually call those light bars RGB light bars since there are three chips Red, Green and Blue which made the light bar giving out multiple colors. Auxbeam old products mainly focus on light bars... Read more
Auxbeam New Arrival Bicolor Headlight Bulbs
This year, Auxbeam has sold different series of LED headlight bulbs with almost the same functions. As an increasing number of people prefer to upgrade their halogen headlight bulbs and HID headlight bulbs to LEDs, they may find that it is hard to tell the difference of all the... Read more
Intelligent hexagon LED light bar – will it lead the trend?
Good news! Auxbeam is developing hexagon LED lights. Does that mean the light will look like a hexagon frame? Nope, the hexagon LED lights will share the same frame as other Auxbeam LED light bars. The difference can only be told from their inside parts.   Now we all... Read more
Why Choose Auxbeam White Housing Light Bars?
Offroad enthusiasts prefer to add light bar on their offroads not only for improving lighting system but also regarding light bars as a decoration of their offroads. However, as there are more and more manufacturers who make almost the same light bars or headlights, those who want to be... Read more
Auxbeam Lighting Releases New X-Series LED Light Bar
Auxbeam releases a new series LED light bar—X-Series Light Bar, which exactly a new solution for every offroad vehicles. LED light bars are good products for lighting up in dark. As LED light bars has been more and more popular these days, LED manufacturers want to make some different... Read more
Auxbeam Turn Signal Light Installation
In about the 40s to 50s (maybe a little earlier), turn signal lights may be not necessary. You can drive your offroad on the street with being arrested by the police officers. Because your offroad is either too old to have turn signal lights or just they don’t even... Read more
Auxbeam Offroad LED Light Bar
As the LED lights gains popularity over the world, more and more vehicle are designed with LED technology. In order to improve the driving performance, many drivers will want to redesign the lighting system for more illumination. Are you an off-road enthusiast? After dark, do you like to hit... Read more
Something You May Not Know About Auxbeam
You may hear of Auxbeam Lighting, or you may not. Auxbeam Lighting is an LED lighting manufacturer that provides a high quality LED light bar with affordable price. Not like some manufacturers that provide cheap products with fake LED chips and poor making housing, Auxbeam always sticks to the... Read more