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Best LED Driving Light Review
LED driving lights continue to get better and this is all good news to most if not all car owners. There are many reasons why LED driving lights stand out. For one, they are much brighter than the traditional halogen varieties. They are also designed for multiple driving conditions meaning that... Read more
Portable LED Strip Light Review
What is The LED Strip Light? LED Strip Light, thin flexible circuit boards with rows of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights, resistors, and other components. They come in various configurations, sizes, and colors, hence they vary in brightness. LED lights are lightweight in nature and they are power efficient. In... Read more
Why You Need a Wiring Harness for Light Bars
While it may not seem like a big deal at the time of installation or purchase, the absence of a wiring harness on your vehicle’s lighting bar can cause avoidable issues for you down the line. If you properly wire a switch and get a wiring kit for the lights for your... Read more
50 inch LED Light Bar-Every Vehicle should Install
Introduction Do you want to purchase and install LED light bars for your vehicle but you don’t know how to go about it? Here is what you need to know about LED light bars. Light Emitting Diode or LED is a semiconductor diode that projects light when electricity is... Read more
LED Pods—Small Size with Huge Function
What are LED Pods? Off-road driving has been made a great deal safer thanks to products that provide bright lighting from the vehicle itself. Thanks to LED Lighting technology, this has been made fairly easy to ensure the safety of not just your most important asset, personnel, but also... Read more
Auxbeam Discount Lighting Review
Exterior lights are an essential part of any vehicle, but do you really know what best suits your individual needs, or where to buy reliable light bars for your off road design vehicles? While a few decades ago, halogens were the mainstream lighting option, the introduction of LED lighting... Read more
07-17 Jeep Wrangler 4 door Off-road Modification Idea
For off-road lovers, Jeep Wrangler 4 door can help you find more fun. How to have fun with your Jeep Wrangler without destroying it? Then, you may need some Jeep Wrangler accessories. Auxbeam now has got some ideas for modifying your Jeep Wrangler with different accessories. Read on and... Read more
Auxbeam Different Kinds of RGB Lights
Lights can be the safe guide for driving at night, and also they can also be the special decoration to make your vehicle unique. The normal light bar would only just give out a fixed light in just warm white or cold white, yet, there are also some special... Read more
Auxbeam Best Headlight Bulbs
Lighting is always the first priority for driving safely. Driving with dim headlights, you cannot see clearly straight ahead. If you are in the city, that might be OK, as there are street lights everywhere. While in the wild, if your driving headlights are dim, you cannot see whether... Read more
Auxbeam LED Light Bar Reviews
  LED light bar is more and more popular these years. Every time someone wants to upgrade his off-road vehicles or his pickup truck would always think of LED light bar. But what kind of light bar would you like to choose? Which brand is better? Auxbeam, one of... Read more