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It is already April and the Summer is coming. It is a good time for us to go out and have a look at the wild in such comfortable weather. Americans love to go camping and climbing mountains or even driving bicycles.While driving out with a lot of stuff,... Read more
Different Colors for Car Lighting
There are different lightings on your car and every light has its color and function. Some may not know why it is designed like that. So here today, we want to talk about them. Low beam (known as dipped, passing or meeting beam) and high beam (known as main,... Read more
How Many Rows Do You Prefer for Light Bars?
Now, people really prefer to add light bars on their vehicles to light up the road at night. And many different LED light bars in different shapes are rolling in the market. Single row, dual row light bars are the common ones. And now some manufacturers are selling triple... Read more
What is the difference between Cree and Epistar
With the advanced improvement of LED technology, LED lights are accepted by more and more people. Many manufacturers produces LED lights contains LED chips inside, which included the common brand CREE and EPISTAR.   People who like offroad race will know about LED lights, people who know LED lights... Read more
50 inch & 23 inch led light bar on the Jeep XJ
  Links: Direct link to seller’ website: https://www.auxbeam.com/ Direct link to product reviewed: 50” led light bar 23” led light bar   With the advance of LED technology, many led lights are designed to fit vehicle, such as Jeep, Chevrolet, Ford, and so on. More and more drivers prefer... Read more
Tips for buying an off road LED light bar
Many people will tend to use the off road LED light bar for trucks with flood beam pattern or a combination of both spot and flood beam pattern. The reason of that is you can see the sides of the road clearly when you driving off road, avoiding the... Read more
Auxbeam LED Light Bars
LED light bars are high-quality and brightest for your off road, truck, motorcycle, ATV/UTV and the other vehicles. The series of LED light bars are the perfect addition to your vehicles. They are durable and stable to withstand the harsh environment. If you want to strong off-road LED light... Read more
How We know About Jeep Cherokee
As everyone known, Cherokee is one of Jeep’s brands. But do you know how it developed and how it is to be designed. Here, I will tell you more about Jeep Cherokee.   The first generation of Cherokee (SJ) was released by AMC Company in 1974. It is basically... Read more
How To Install LED Headlights On Jeep Wrangler
In my previous blog, I described in detail LED headlights for Jeep Wrangler. In this blog, I will tell you how to install a LED headlight on Jeep Wrangler. Step 1 Remove the screws and clips holding the front grille in place. Remove the front grille so you can... Read more
What Is LED Driving Light ?
LED technology has improved the four-wheel drive way, and absolutely it is a best influence. LEDs has lots of advantages like operating in a cooler temperature, drawing less energy, lasting for a pretty long time and not as fragile as halogen elements, etc. Without annoying warm-up time to get... Read more