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How to Choose the Modern Outdoor Lighting?
An illuminated house will always be happy. Inside your house, it is normal, illuminate it so you can perform your daily activities. Sometimes you forget to illuminate the outside. Today, outdoor lights stand as the most important projector element to enjoy your outdoor space at night. In modern life,... Read more
HID vs LED–Are LED Headlights really better than HID?
Headlight bulbs become the essential parts of vehicle equipment. Over the years, they have developed into the halogen, high-intensity discharge and led headlights available today. How Headlights Develop into LED Headlights In the early 1980s, headlights were oil burning lamps that make use of acetylene as a fuel. In 1927,... Read more
Thе Bеѕt Light Bаrѕ fоr Truсks
Thе mоѕt сritiсаl truсk ассеѕѕоriеѕ fоr оutdооr еnthuѕiаѕtѕ аrе LED light bars. This lighting арраrаtuѕ mаkеѕ driving in dаrk рlасеѕ mоrе еnjоуаblе аnd ѕаfеr аѕ it рrоduсеѕ an enhanced light оutрut, in соntrаѕt with thе light being рrоduсеd by уоur саr’ѕ hеаdlightѕ. However, if уоu wаnt tо рurсhаѕе light... Read more
The Guide on Vehicle Tail Light Assembly
For many modified lovers, they will do modifications to adding light bars, upgrading or headlight into LEDs. All the modification focus will just put on the front part of the vehicles, yet, the rear part is always ignored. In fact, there is also an important part of the rear... Read more
How to Choose the Best LED Headlights
Headlights are standard driving equipment for every vehicle. Headlight plays a very important role in road driving. If there is not enough light, the drivers cannot see the front clearly. Headlight types can be differentiated due to the chips inside. Most vehicles are equipped with halogen bulbs, which will... Read more
Roof Racks Buying & Installation Guide
It is already April and the Summer is coming. It is a good time for us to go out and have a look at the wild in such comfortable weather. Americans love to go camping and climbing mountains or even driving bicycles.While driving out with a lot of stuff,... Read more
Different Colors for Car Lighting
There are different lightings on your car and every light has its color and function. Some may not know why it is designed like that. So here today, we want to talk about them. Low beam (known as dipped, passing or meeting beam) and high beam (known as main,... Read more
How Many Rows Do You Prefer for Light Bars?
Now, people really prefer to add light bars on their vehicles to light up the road at night. And many different LED light bars in different shapes are rolling in the market. Single row, dual row light bars are the common ones. And now some manufacturers are selling triple... Read more
Why Choose Auxbeam White Housing Light Bars?
Offroad enthusiasts prefer to add light bar on their offroads not only for improving lighting system but also regarding light bars as a decoration of their offroads. However, as there are more and more manufacturers who make almost the same light bars or headlights, those who want to be... Read more
What is the difference between Cree and Epistar
With the advanced improvement of LED technology, LED lights are accepted by more and more people. Many manufacturers produces LED lights contains LED chips inside, which included the common brand CREE and EPISTAR.   People who like offroad race will know about LED lights, people who know LED lights... Read more