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What Is Head Up Display
A head up display, also known as HUD, is made up of a transparent screen which displays information without obstructing the user. A car HUD enables pilots and drivers to maintain the position of their heads and focus on the objects in front while viewing additional information. Just like GPS technology,... Read more
Does Your Custom Jeep Need Snorkel Set
Ever seen a custom Jeep having a long pipe that sticks out over its hood? Do you ever wonder why a smoke stack would be installed on a jeep? That long pipe is known a snorkel set . We would help you clarify your thoughts as regards what it does... Read more
Why CV Axle As The Important ATV Accessories
Just like a car, you can enhance the performance of your ATV with ATV accessories. From bearings to bumpers to lighting, all ATV accessories serve their specific purposes. Bearings, for one, make your riding experience smoother. They keep the engines rotating and they transfer power from the engine to your wheels. Lighting accessories make it easier for you... Read more
2 Important Truck Accessories for Road Trip
So, you’re all set for the family vacation that you’ve been planning for 2 weeks. Everything was going well until you were in the midway and you realized that you forget to pick up the ice container in which you were supposed to put cold drinks. Moreover, when you reached... Read more
How to Choose The Hi Lift Jack Mount
Do you know that the word Jeep, its origin has proven bewildering? According to reliable sources like Wikipedia, the presumption is that earlier users change the name from government purpose to Jeep, it was introduced during World War II. We all love the Jeep and here at Auxbeam, we are... Read more
LED Light Bar VS Mini Light Bar
We are aware that a truck is used mainly for the transportation of goods and cargo. The larger the size of the truck the more the amount of cargo it can transport. The movement of the truck is not time-dependent as it can move at any time of the... Read more
How to Choose The Best Camping Lantern
Whether you only get out for some camping one time in a year, or you are a weekend warrior hitting the parks and the backcountry all season long, you want to have the right camping accessories with you. Your camping accessories can widely vary depending on what kind of camping... Read more
Is Horn Necessary as Truck Accessories
Truck horns can be very loud and annoying but they are absolutely necessary as one of the important truck accessories. The horns are meant to distract the public, which is to warn the public that the truck is about to take a turn. Louder horns are better when it comes to... Read more
How to Make The Best Use of Your Headlight Bulbs
Faulty headlights are one of the things to blame for accidents on the road. Thus, for you to stay away from road accidents or get pulled over by traffic enforcers, you should see to it that your car’s headlight bulbs are in good working order. It’s advisable that you do... Read more
Why You Need a Wiring Harness for Light Bars
While it may not seem like a big deal at the time of installation or purchase, the absence of a wiring harness on your vehicle’s lighting bar can cause avoidable issues for you down the line. If you properly wire a switch and get a wiring kit for the lights for your... Read more