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What Are The Features of Auxbeam LED Lights?
Almost the Auxbeam LED lights bring a great experience for all users; with its ability will not makes you disappointed. When you buy it and use it, the brilliant light will come to you, so you should be careful and should avoid look at the LED in direct way.... Read more
How to Distinguish a Quality LED Light Bar from Cheap Ones
With so many manufacturers of LED light bars, evaluating your options can be confusing. Even if you understand the various electronic, mechanical and operating features common to most light bars, you still have some trouble to distinguish a quality  LED light bar from cheap ones. Here I will give... Read more
Flood beam LED light bar of 500 meters irradiation
The product of 4”LED light bar made by Auxbeam piled into the market this year with its unique strength on long beam distance and high brightness. With 3000 lumens, the light bar has a power of only 30W, which means the 6 LEDs of 5 watts are as superior... Read more
Is LED the future for automotive lighting applications?
Many vehicle drivers are always upset by the insufficient light from their headlights or taillights, which will provide poor visibility on the road, making the driving more dangerous. Especially at night, the strong glare from the other vehicles coming from the opposite direction will make the drivers feel nervous... Read more
How to choose an LED light bar or driving light
If you want to choose the correct LED light for your vehicle, you have to learn more about LED products. Many people think LED light bar has the same illumination effect with the LED driving light. But when you actually install these two kinds of LED lights, you will... Read more
LED driving lights without dazzling glare
When you are walking or driving on the road at night, the street lamps may make you feel safe and bright. But is that enough? Maybe we feel like having more warmness and courtesy from the oncoming cars. However, what if the oncoming car has an intense headlight to... Read more
The Development of Automobile Lights
What is the most important electric appliance in a car? Definitely the lights. If there is no automobile light, no one can drive his car smoothly at night. There is no doubt that high quality light source add safeguard to our road trip at night. In this case, better light source... Read more
LEDs are ideal for industrial lighting applications
LED lighting for industrial application is accepted by more and more people. Because it has unique characteristics, such as lower power consumption, better heat dissipation and longer lifespan. These features make them very popular and become the lighting technology of choice.   LEDs are more durable, reliable and don’t... Read more
How To Choose The Right Led Light
A question we get a lot is, “what beam pattern for my LED light bar should I get?” well here is a little insight that I hope will help you when you want to choose a LED light bar for your vehicle.   The first one is the spot... Read more
What good are fog lights, really?
Many of today’s vehicles have front fog lights. What good are they? The quick answer is not much. Even good fog lights, which are relatively rare, are of very limited use to most drivers. To the extent, fog lights should be turned off almost all the time and you... Read more