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Common Problems Happen to LED Light Bars
Nowadays, as more and more offroad lovers like to drive their offroads around, many of them choose to install LED Light Bars. However, some may hesitate while they think that install LED light bars on their offroads would generate some problems because they have seen someone complaining about on... Read more
How to Install A 36inch LED Light Bar with A Windshield Mount On Wrangler
Adequate lighting are really needed for offroads driving not only at night but also in daytime. Sufficient lighting can reduce eye fatigue which can increase driving safety. Here I may share a lot of installation process in the blog. This time I choose to introduce how to install a... Read more
DIY Modifying Offroad LED Lighting System
Most Americans have more than one vehicles in their home for different use. Truck or SUV may be the popular vehicles while people can both use it for carrying heavy stuff and commuting. In fact, most Americans wants to make their vehicles become offroad monsters as every man has... Read more
Osram LEDs VS Philips LEDs
As the technology of LED lighting integrated automotive industry continuously develops, the LED lighting available inside and outside the automobile has been promoted. Though many offroad enthusiasts have join into this latest trend by modifying their offroads with LED lighting, different automobile manufacturers now also take immediate actions. Why... Read more
Installing Review–Auxbeam Flush Mount Lights on Silverado
Most people may think that they need a custom shop build a high-quality sports truck. In fact, there is a trade secrets that you can do your own killer truck through the internet. Yes, you can buy any brand-name modification accessroies at a reasonable price, so they are sent... Read more
Light Bars IP Rate Performance: Auxbeam Lighting Torture Test
Light bars are now pretty popular in recent years. More and more offroad enthusiasts are keen on do some modifications on their offroads in order to get more protections while driving in the dark. However, not every offroad light bar is in the same quality. Some maybe in poor... Read more
Nissan Xterra 20 inch LED light bar Installation
Somewhere, Nissan Xterra is the scroll to the happy farm to join your pet hamster said: “ran away”, and where all the other family pet…But for some reasons there cannot be visited. We are terribly sorry for those who in deep love with Nissan Xterra for the bad news,... Read more
52inch 300W Philips Straight Combo LED Light Bar
If you have ever heard of LED lighting, you should also know that there are different varieties available including LED bulbs, bars, strips and other fixtures, which are easy to install in many different spots on the vehicles. These LED lights are manufactured to consume much lower amounts of... Read more
Jeep Wrangler 20″LED light bar hood mount
Links: Direct link to seller website: https://www.auxbeam.com/blog/   Direct link to product reviewed: 20” LED light bar   Unless you have been living under a rock you know that 20 inch LED light bars have been on the market for a few years now and are still just as... Read more
Auxbeam Wiring Harness Installation
LED lights may be popular in vehicles modifications these days. Many enthusiasts also prefer to do the modifications themselves. When they do the modifications, they will always come across a big problem—how to wire up the light? Some may just directly prolong the wiring of the light and straightly... Read more