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Currently, the latest, classy and awesome type of car globally is the Jeep Wrangler model. It has a very attractive look. More so, its... Cool Jeep Headlights — Demon Eye Headlights

Currently, the latest, classy and awesome type of car globally is the Jeep Wrangler model. It has a very attractive look. More so, its design is a unique one that looks special on its own. What makes a classy car more amazing is its headlights. How do the headlights of your Jeep look like? Are they unique? Have you tried upgrading them? Well, this article focuses on the best kinds of Jeep LED headlights that you can use to make your car more classy and special.

What are Jeep LED Headlights?

demon eye headlightsLED is the initials of the name Light Emitting Diode. These are the latest technology-based headlights systems. These types are able to produce a considerable amount of light in your car thereby increasing security as well as the ability to clearly see the road while driving. These kinds of jeep LED headlights are energy saving and are long-lasting since they are designed to moderate the amount of heat.

Installing such headlights in your Jeep Wrangler makes your machine more unique in its own way. There are varieties from which you can choose from, depending on which one you will like. There are those made of reflector cups and others made of the projector lens. The housing of LED headlights is made of good quality die-cast aluminum. As a result, it enhances the heat dissipation of the light from your vehicle. Unlike the other kinds of headlights, Jeep LED headlights have good dissipation systems. More so, it protects the light body from corroding. Then again, it is waterproof and shows good performance especially in severe conditions.

For a Jeep Wrangler, you can either replace the headlight assembly or just the headlight bulbs, it depends on you.

Advantages of LED Lights

Due to its well-designed dissipation systems, the headlights can provide good performance even in high-temperature conditions. As a result, they tend to last longer than other headlights. In addition, they have temperature control systems. When the jeep led headlights to produce excess heat after having been on for a long period of time, it will reduce its brightness for a short period of time. This will help reduce the amount of heat and pressure that the headlights are experiencing. When the heat is manageable, the headlights become brighter again. As a result, they are durable since they do not overheat.

Then again, Jeep LED headlights have excellent visibility. Visual sense is the most important thing as you drive your Jeep so that you can reach your destination safely. They are super great especially when driving at night. This is because the light produced is clean, bright and white that enables you to see everything no matter how small it is. More so, its brightness helps you be active while driving, therefore, you will not sleep. Instead, it helps you focus.

What is Demon Eye Headlights?

As the name suggests, these are the headlights that when you install in your jeep wrangler, you will be on your own level with no competition whatsoever. They have a high output solid color light intensity and are very reliable. They are combat size. More so, they are easy to install thereby making them your best choice. Demon Eye headlights have a variety of colors that you can change anytime you want to depend on the colors you like. You should try them.

What are Angel Eye Headlights?

These are extra flair headlights that make your vehicle stand out among the others. Not like the demon eye headlights, the angel eye creates a ring of light. They provide powerful beams that are of great reach thereby making your drive safe in the daytime, just like your daytime running lights. They are popular since other than being perfect for your Jeep Wrangler. They make the front end of your car look stylish and classy. These headlights have good lens positioning thereby releasing a clear and visible light especially when you are driving at night.

Demon Eye Headlights VS Angel Eye Headlights

jeep led headlightsThese headlights work differently and they both give a unique look to your vehicle. It is not that clear which one among them is better than the other because they stand out in their own ways. However, we can observe some few differences. Demon Eye headlights produce a light that shines in a straight line up to its target point. On the other hand, Angel Eye headlights create a light that takes the shape of a ring. That is why its other name is halo, which means rings.

Then again, Demon Eye headlights are only available in kits. They do not come in full assembly. Furthermore, they can be used to upgrade only specific kinds of vehicles which comprise projector headlights. Contrarily, Angel Eye headlights are available in kits as well as in full assemblies, therefore, it replaces the original headlights of your vehicle in the exact same way. More so, it is compatible with any kind of car.

Demon Eye headlights can give light in different colors. You can change it whenever you want. It acquires the name “Demon” because of its dominant shiny red color. Angel Eye headlights also come in different colors but you normally choose one, according to your preference and taste.

Where and How to Install the Jeep LED headlights

Jeep LED headlights are installed depending on the type of the LED headlights you want to install. For instance, in the case of Demon Eye headlights, they are installed in the projectors. While the Angel Eye headlights are installed in the exact place of the original ones. It is advisable for you to let a professional install the Jeep LED headlights for you. However, if in case you would like to install it yourself, here are the steps to take.

Open the screws and clips that are used to hold the front grille. Then open the screws that hold the metal bracket. Plug out the adapter pull out the stock headlights. This is the where you put the new Jeep LED headlights then put back the adapter. Try them to see if they work. If yes, then close the screws holding the metal bracket as well as the clips holding the front grille and you are ready to go.

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