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Headlight is pretty important for vehicles to light up roads or sometimes can also have the ability be to as fog light, which let... Dodge Ram Headlight Modification Installation

Headlight is pretty important for vehicles to light up roads or sometimes can also have the ability be to as fog light, which let drivers see through in foggy days or any inclement weathers. Important as the headlights are, yet, old models of vehicles were equipped with old types of headlights, which definitely influence the drivers to some extent. Thus, headlight modification become badly needed for the drivers. Auxbeam notices this situation and add a new product that can fix the problem for drivers of Dodge with a new type of LED headlight.



This headlight is Class Chrome Projector Housing Headlight for Dodge or Jeep. It is a high transmission 7×6” Headlight, which can replace the H6014/H6052/H6054 sealed beam headlights directly. With tempered glass, it can withstand shock and vibration with ease.

The lighting color of the headlight is white, which is the halo ring of the headlight. The headlight needs to install the light bulb first, which Auxbeam doesn’t provide, but you can use the old bulbs in the sealed beam. According to the installation, the headlight can light up for 60-100m. This headlight can be applied to auxiliary spot light, fog light or search light.

Here I will share the installation process as following.

First, you can use the bulbs in the original headlight or buy another one.

Second, turn off the back and install the light bulb into the headlight. Pay attention to adjust the correct place for the bulb and remember to lock the bulb with the locker in the headlight.


headlight installation process

Third, put the back plastic on.


headlight installation process

Fourth, take down the old sealed beam in the Dodge and unplug the connect of the headlight. Need to remember to disconnect the negative battery connection, before every connection.


headlight installation process

Fifth, as the new headlight is LED, you need to adjust the battery moduler to make the LED light up.


headlight installation process

Finally, install the headlight and connect the wiring.




Surely you want to know more details about this headlight, click the link below and get to know more.  https://www.auxbeam.com/blog/70018813

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