Ever seen a custom Jeep having a long pipe that sticks out over its hood? Do you ever wonder why a smoke stack would be installed on a jeep? That long pipe is known a snorkel set . We would help you clarify your thoughts as regards what it does and why you may need it on your 4×4 custom Jeep.

What Is A Snorkel Set?

It is a pipe-looking fixture that is run from the air intake just below the hood, and it extends above just close to the vehicle’s passenger side. You, but not off-roader, may think it looks odd on a vehicle. They know what value it could serve when off-roading in a dusty terrain or in areas having deep water crossings, thereby making it less vulnerable to ingesting water. The opening at the top of this accessory gets air into the custom jeep. If you want to install this accessory, ensure it is large enough to feed adequate air into the engine.

Why The Custom Jeep Need the Snorkel Set?

custom jeep snorkelAfter you have successfully observed the above tips or features, you are now ready to install a snorkel set on your jeep. Using the Redrock 4×4 model on Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-2011) having a 3.8l V6 engine, the tools and steps involved in the installation include the following:

Tools required

Tape measure

10 mm socket and ratchet

Painters tape

Clear silicone

T40 star bit

Calking Gun

Rivet gun

Philips screwdriver

Drill and 1/8 drill bit

Dremel tool having metal Es 1 ¼ inch lock cutting blade

Installation Steps

  1. Prepare and organize the tools you require. The installation starts with the body. Remove two bolts (10 mm) from the left fender, and two T40 bolts from the side pillar. Then remove factory air intake and finally attach the equipment.
  2. Locate the template middle point with the tape measure. Line up the center point of air intake section and template on snorkel set to measure air intake. Once it is aligned, attach the template to the hood bottom lip using painters tape.
  3. Crisp template edge in preparation for a cut. Use the Dremel tool to start cutting, following the template line. After this, remove the piece of the hood. Then place the bezel of the hood around the hole drill; each rivet spot should have 1/8 inch holes. Install holes through the holes, while also securing them.
  4. The installation is now complete. However, ensure you use silicone to the waterproof air intake. This is to prepare it against flooding. Enjoy your accessory.

If you are interested in off-road vehicle modification, please read on to know more.