When you are walking or driving on the road at night, the street lamps may make you feel safe and bright. But is that enough? Maybe we feel like having more warmness and courtesy from the oncoming cars. However, what if the oncoming car has an intense headlight to dazzle you? Would this still be a good experience? The answer is absolutely “No!”

Let me share a piece of news about a car accident in Jiangsu, Chidriving headlightna. At 9 o’clock in the evening of August 5, a white car hit into the guard railing of a bridge. Immediately the driver became anxious. He braked suddenly, turned right, stopped tensely and accidentally his car crashed into the bumper of a silver car. Mr. Li was the owner of the silver car and when the accident happened, he was sitting in the driver’s seat to wait for the green light. After coming to life from the slight concussion, flamed into rage, Mr. Li went out to scold the white car’s driver, who turned out to be a mid-aged man.

“Damn it. What’s wrong with you?” Mr. Li asked.

The car owner of the white car complained first.

“It is your headlamp that is to blame.” He yelled, “You lamp is so glaring that my view is dazzled. Why should you turn on your lamp of such a great intensity?”

“How could it be my fault?” Shocked, Mr. Li screamed, “You lost control of your car. That’s how it has happened.”

It seemed a quarrel was in the air since they could not negotiate it calmly. Mr. Li took the face of innocence because he did nothing before his car was damaged. However, when two policemen came here to deal with this emergency, they found out that Mr. Li’s car had just been modified and they thought that was the root cause of the accident. Mr. Li had just modified his car headlight into Hid light in a small shop. However, the quality of the Hid light was not the best as the seller claimed and it also had the defect of glaring light.

Actually, the most popular and the newest driving lights are tending to be LED driving lights, which are more energy-saving and environmental friendly. As for the differences between the two graduations of driving lights, the article “The Development of Automobile Lights” has a detailed explanation. When it comes to the glare of driving lights, it is a matter of chips and design. The light sources of CREE and OSRAM chips have high lumens per watt, namely, are very bright. To soften the LED light source, adding proper reflectors and covers as well as combining different beams are good methods.

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