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Lighting is very important for driving. In fact, every car has the headlight bulbs as the driving lights. Headlight bulbs are really useful while... Everything About Upgrading LED Headlight Bulbs

Lighting is very important for driving. In fact, every car has the headlight bulbs as the driving lights. Headlight bulbs are really useful while driving on road. Car headlights, also known as automotive headlamps, car LED daytime running lights. They function as the eyes of the car. The headlights are not only related to the external image of a car owner but also closely related to safe driving at night or in bad weather conditions. The use and maintenance of the headlights cannot be negligible.

Headlight Bulbs Evolution

Halogen Headlight Bulbs

halogen headlight bulbsHalogen headlight bulbs are one kind of the incandescent light bulb, which light up by the high temperature when the electric current passing through the filament. The principal of halogen bulbs is to inject halogen gas such as iodine or bromine into the bulb. At high temperature, the sublimated tungsten wire and the halogen chemically act. The cooled tungsten will re-solidify on the tungsten wire to form a balanced cycle to prevent premature rupture of the tungsten wire. Therefore halogen bulbs are longer than incandescent lamps.


  1. Low cost and simple production.
  2. Low color temperature and good penetrability.
  3. The turning on speed is fast.
  4. In case of rain and fog, it is better to penetrate with the reflector.


  1. High temperature
  2. Poor durability
  3. Low brightness.

HID Headlight Bulbs

HID headlight bulbsThe HID headlight bulbs (high-intensity discharge) work on a high-pressure gas discharge. The voltage of 12V is boosted to an ultra-high voltage of 23000V, and the helium gas filled in the quartz tube is broken to make it emit light, and then converted into about 85V, and the stable supply of the HID bulb is continued.


  1. High brightness, three times that of halogen headlight bulbs.
  2. The color temperature is high, which can produce light of 4000-12000K. The color it produces is much closer to the color of the midday sun, which reach the highest degree of acceptance and comfort of the human eyes.
  3. Longer life, about 3000 hours
  4. Less power consumption. The power of HID bulb is generally 35W, while the power of ordinary lights is 55W.
  5. Nobler. Generally HID bulbs are only in mid-to-high-end models, to enhance the identity and face symbol at night.


  1. High calorific value. The heat will reach 300-400 degrees. So pay attention to heat dissipation when installing
  2. Need about 3-5 second to delay turning on.

LED Headlights

LED headlightsThe LED light is a light-emitting diode that converts electrical energy into visible light. The heart of the LED is a semiconductor wafer with one end attached to a holder, one end being the negative pole and the other end connected to the positive pole of the power supply so that the entire wafer is encapsulated by epoxy.


  1. Long lifetime, up to 50,000 hours
  2. Durable, not easy to break good impact and shock resistance.
  3. Quick response. No time delay to turn on.
  4. High Brightness.


High cost, LED headlights only appear in high-profile models as factory headlight bulbs.

Points You Need to Consider When Choosing LED Headlights

As the halogen headlight bulbs are wildly used in factory vehicle headlight assembly, upgrading to LED headlights is very necessary. However, some people would wonder how to choose the best led headlight bulbs. Here, we want to share with you some points you may consider before purchasing.

headlight bulbs chipsLight Source

Whether the light is bright or not depends on the light source. When the headlight bulbs used some fake or cheap LEDs, the light may be dim or even broken. There are several types of LEDs which are used on LED headlights or light bars. Famous LEDs like CREE, Philips, or Osram are reliable. However, some company will make some fake LEDs pretend to be the real CREE LEDs. Thus, when choosing the headlight bulbs, check the LEDs first and also choose a brand that uses reliable LED chips.


headlight bulbs sizeHalogen headlight bulbs are wildly used in most vehicles as factory bulbs. Though the halogen bulbs are in low brightness, the halogen bulbs can light up 360 degrees. There is no blind angle. For the LED headlight bulbs, it may be different. As it lights up depending on the LEDs, the LEDs are assembled on the PCB board. So the design of the PCB board and the whole headlight bulbs will influence the beam angle. Some headlight bulbs can only reach 270 degrees, while some can still be as the halogen bulbs, which give out the bright light in 360 degree. Also, some LED headlight bulbs size is larger than the halogen bulbs which will have no space for heat dissipation and also the dust cover cannot be reinstalled.

Heat Dissipation

Due to the LED headlights can give out ultra-bright light; it may cause a great amount of heat as well. Heat is the main reason why the bulbs stop working. Unlike the halogen bulbs which do not have any heat dissipation system, LED headlight bulbs have mainly three different ways of heat dissipation assembly in order to keep the headlight bulbs working in a normal way.

Copper Wire

Adding copper wire to the design of the LED headlight bulbs may be the earlier way to deal with the heat problem. Copper wire can reduce the cost of manufacturing a bulb. However, it will affect the service life and reliability of LED headlights, so there are still a few headlights using this material to dissipate heat of the LED headlights.

Aluminum Housing

This heat dissipation way depends on the special housing material—aviation 6063 aluminum. Using this material to make the headlight bulbs can directly let the heat dissipate. However, the headlight bulbs can be in high wattage while using this material as headlight bulbs housing. The heat still needs some extra power to help it dissipate soon.

Built-in Fan

Most new design headlight bulbs would add a fan on the bottom of the headlight bulbs to help cooling the heat inside the headlight assembly. However, when the bulb is used for a long time, the fan will stop working, then the bulb may stop working and the heat will not dissipate. In addition, some LED headlight fans generate a lot of noise when working. However, the built-in fan would be the best design for heat dissipation among them.

Temperature Control

It is in fact not a heat dissipation way but it is also can keep the bulbs working in a stable temperature. The temperature control headlight bulbs will have a sensor which will keep the bulbs in about 45 degree. Since the headlight bulbs will not reach the high temperature,  the working life will be much longer.

Canbus Driver

The Canbus is a system that controls the whole electric system. So if you want to replace or upgrade any electric appliances, it will give out a warning or make the new appliances fail working, especially upgrading the halogen bulbs into the LED headlights. To deal with it, you can add a Canbus driver for each headlight bulbs. Thus, when choosing the headlight bulbs, you can choose the bulbs that have the Canbus drivers or choose the shops that sell the Canbus drivers.

How to install the headlight bulbsHow to Install the LED Headlight Bulbs

The installation for the LED headlight bulbs is pretty easy. Yet, some plug types may need to do one more steps to get the bulbs installed.

For H4 and H7 (some vehicle using 9004 or 9007 may also need this step), follow the step to install.

  1. Screw off the collar from the bulb body.
  2. Place the collar in the right fixture on your vehicle.
  3. Put the bulb in and tighten it up clockwise.
  4. Connect with the power to turn on the bulb.

For others headlight bulbs plug types, follow the steps to install.

  1. Take out the bulb body
  2. Place the bulb body into the light fixture on your vehicle.
  3. Put the bulb in and tighten it up clockwise.
  4. Connect with the power to turn on the bulb.

Notice: For LED headlight bulbs with turbofans heat dissipation, please make sure headlight housing has 30-40MM space for installation and heat dissipation.

How to Adjust the Best Beam Pattern

Sometimes, you may find the lights are not illuminating on the road or the light is not as bright as you think of before you upgrade the LED headlights. Then you may think whether it is the light problem. In fact, it may be the installation problems.

Q1: The bulbs are bright but after installing, it is dim.

When you upgrade the halogen bulbs with the LED headlight bulbs, you can first check whether the light is bright before installing. If the bulbs are bright before installing, it may be the way you install which reduce the brightness.

The correct way to install is when you insert the bulbs into the headlight assembly, screw up the bulbs. Then check the wiring of the bulbs. The wiring needs to be perpendicular to the ground after the headlight bulbs installed. In this way, the led headlight bulbs can be in the perfect position of the headlight assembly and can give out the perfect light.

Q2: After Driving for Some Time, the Headlight Bulbs Are Misaligned.

How to adjust the headlight bulbsAfter driving a period of time, some people would find their headlights do not focus on the road. The main reason for it may be the vehicle being bumped, which make the headlight misplace. You can follow the step to check and make your headlight bulbs in normal.

1. Level your car. The first step in adjusting the headlights is to remove excess weight from the trunk. You should also make sure the tires are flat on the ground. Then you can check if the headlight’s target is at zero position.

2. Position your car. The next step is to park your car on a flat surface 10 to 15 feet from the dark wall. You should make sure that the front of the car is facing the wall. You can do it on a paved driveway or on a flat parking lot.

3. Turn on the headlights. Mark the vertical and horizontal centerlines of the headlight beam with masking tape and draw two Ts on the wall. At this stage, avoid using strong light or fog lights.

4. Make sure the lights are level. Use carpenter level between the two marking lines to determine if they are level. If they are not uniform, use a steel tape measure to measure the distance of the lower mark. If the lower mark is much higher on the wall, use a steel tape measure to measure the distance of the lower mark. The two centerlines must not exceed 3.5 feet from the ground.

5. Adjust the lights. Pour the car 25 feet from the wall. You must use a tape measure to know the distance from the wall. Then turn off the lights. Remove the trimming ring and find the adjuster. Then, adjust the vertical and horizontal screws to see if the lights are level on the wall markings.

led headlight bulbsConclusion

LED headlight bulbs are really good replacements of the halogen headlight bulbs. When you choose the LED headlights, please check the light source, size, heat dissipation and the canbus driver. Make sure you have the best quality and get them installed. If you have any problems, check our steps above to try yourselves first. You will really enjoy driving with the LED headlights. We have different blogs on LED lights, please read on to know more.

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