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Car Lights There are many different types of lights in one car. The most important lights in the lighting system include the headlight, fog light,... Explore The Car Brake Light

Car Lights

led light bulbsThere are many different types of lights in one car. The most important lights in the lighting system include the headlight, fog light, turn signal, and the brake light. Headlights and fog lights are important since they increase visibility, especially at night. Turn signal lights enable pedestrians and other drivers to know the direction of the vehicle. Rear lights enable the driver behind to know the position of the vehicle and if the car is decelerating. In traditional vehicles, all the lights are only located at the front and rear of the vehicle. But most modern vehicles with LED light bulbs on the side including the door handles and mirror-mounted turn signal lights.

The standard color of vehicle lights includes red for most rear lights, white for front lights and amber or yellow for turn signals. However, most vehicles, have yellow turn signal lights. The headlight, fog light, and the backup lights are usually white in color. The brake lights and tail lights are the main lights facing rearward and they usually emit red light. Some vehicles such as police cars, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles have special lights which include blue and other colors. In this vehicles, the emergency lights are automatically engaged when the siren is turned on.

What is the Brake Lights?

brake lightBrake lights are some of the most important components of a vehicle. Brake lights are located at the rear of the vehicle and they turn on automatically when you apply the brakes. Some modern vehicles also notify other drivers when you brake by broadcasting an emergency brake event. In most vehicles, brake lights are so sensitive and they illuminate immediately when you push the pedal to about 5-10mm. However, they don’t light when you rest your foot on the pedal thus allowing you to drive using both feet.

The lights indicate if you are slowing down or trying to stop your vehicle. The lights prevent accidents when there is hard braking since they enable the driver behind you to make a split second decision. The lights signal the driver behind you to reduce speed or move to another lane to prevent a collision. The lights are visible to several drivers behind you even in bad weather. The advantage of red color is that it doesn’t cause glare and confusion to drivers behind. The brake light is an essential safety feature which prevents many accidents that can be caused by poor judgment. The lights are very important at night and in dark areas such as tunnels and underground parking lots. Brake lights enable you to drive in bad weather conditions such as mist, fog, storm, snow, and rain without crashing into vehicles in front. For this reason, in all countries, it is a traffic offense to drive a vehicle which has faulty brake lights.

Difference Between Brake Light & Tail Lights

brake lightSome people find it difficult to differentiate between brake light and tail lights since they are both in red color. However, brake lights are usually more luminous than tail lights. In fact, when tail lights are on, you will notice an increase in brightness when brakes are applied. Brake lights illuminate when you apply some pressure on the brake pedal while tail lights usually light up when you turn on the headlights. In addition, the tail lights also light up when you engage the parking brake.

In many modern vehicles, both the tail lights and brake lights are housed on the same globe. However, the two lights are have been built for different purposes. Brake lights warn the driver behind you when you are braking. On the other hand, the tail lights are engaged in darkness or when there is poor visibility. Tail lights enable drivers behind you to estimate the distance between the two vehicles and slow down if necessary to avoid crashing into your vehicle.

Brake Light vs Tail Lights

Brake Light Tail Lights
Warn the driver behind if the speed is about to change Help the driver behind to see your vehicle and estimate the distance between the two vehicles in bad weather
Can turn on any time Inactive during the day unless there is poor visibility
Are luminous red Are less luminous
Turn on when you apply brakes Do not turn on when braking
Not engaged when headlights are turned on Turn on when headlights are switched on


Upgrade with the LED Light Bulbs

Some vehicles still use halogen bulbs which consume more power. You can replace the traditional bulbs with LED light bulbs and reduce power consumption. In Auxbeam, you can choose The 3156, 1156, and, 7440 LED light bulbs are suitable for parking light, reverse light, and the turn signals. And the 3157, 1157, and 7443 LED light bulbs, which are normally used in the brake lights, can also use as 3156, 1156, 7440 in parking light, reverse light and the turn signals. Thus, when you find that there are no 3156 bulbs and you need them, you can purchase 3157 LED light bulbs in Auxbeam.

Advantages of LED Light Bulbs

3157 led light bulbsWorks perfectly in low temperatures
LEDs perform well in low temperatures, especially in winter season. Unlike other bulbs which require high voltage to start, LED light bulbs are unique since they light instantly even with low voltage.

Extended life
LED light bulbs have a longer lifespan than other bulbs. They significantly reduce the cost of replacing old bulbs. Unlike other bulbs, they rarely fail. However, they dim over time.

LED Are rugged
They are Solid State Lights since they don’t have a filament. They don’t require a glass or tube housing which is common in traditional bulbs. This means that they don’t break easily.

Environmentally friendly
Unlike other bulbs, LED lights don’t have mercury or other toxic substances. This makes the bulbs safe to use. It is also easy to dispose of LED light since they don’t contaminate the environment.

No warm-up period
LED light bulbs don’t warm up to produce sufficient light. They light instantly in any weather conditions.

How to Replace the LED Brake Lights

1157 led light bulbsThe advantage of using LED light bulbs is that they are long-lasting hence they reduce the cost of maintenance of the vehicle. They also produce better illumination while consuming less power. LED light bulbs are standard in size and are easy to install in any vehicle. If you have the right tools, you can do it yourself. Auxbeam side marker lights have brake lights, LED tail light and LED turn signal light. These lights are also easy to install provided you know how to connect it correctly. Here we will provide the way to install the LED brake lights.

Step1: Open the cover of your vehicle truck.

Step2: Catch the hold of the bulb holder, and unscrew the stock bulbs anticlockwise.

Step3: Put the LED light bulb in position.

Step4: Check the Brake Lights. Since you do not know the correct positive and negative pole position, you need to check whether the brake light can work normally. If the brake lights cannot turn on, please reverse them and install again.

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