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When you want to upgrade your factory Halogen bulbs or HID with LEDs, some problems may occur and stop you using the LED bulbs.... FAQ for Auxbeam Headlight Bulbs

When you want to upgrade your factory Halogen bulbs or HID with LEDs, some problems may occur and stop you using the LED bulbs. However, some problems may deal with the mounting error or be fixed easily. So let’s see what problem can be fixed and what problem cannot. When the problem cannot be fixed, you can ask for warranty.

Q1: If I install the bulbs and turn it on, the bulbs do not light up and I can see the LEDs are burnt out.


LED bulbs

A: It may occur to the LEDs which are not attached to the right place. This situation may seldom happen. Also when the output current exceeds the rated output current output of the light, the LEDs will burn out. Also, there is one situation may deal with LEDs burnt out—poor heat dissipation. You need to check whether the cool fan is working normally or whether there is enough space for dissipating heat. Over heat will lead to LEDs burn out. When the LEDs have burnt out, you just need to ask for the product warranty. Auxbeam will guarantee 1-year warranty for you.

Q2: Why the bulbs are installed but do not light up?

A: There are many reasons for that and we need to check the bulbs carefully. First, if there is one side that does not light up, we can check in this way. Exchange the bulb body and check whether the light can light up if the bulb can light up that means the other bulb is broken. You can ask for that bulb warranty. Also, some bulbs have external drivers, you can also exchange to check whether it is the light driver problem. Then, if both bulbs are not lighting up, you need to check whether any wires fall off from the top to the light source or any damages on the LEDs If so, ask for warranty. Sometimes, the light cannot light up may deal with canbus. Some vehicles are equipped with canbus and you also need a pair of canbus drivers to make the bulbs work normally. Also sometimes, you do not connect the plug correctly then the light cannot work normally. So check carefully.

Q3: Why my bulbs flicker continuously?

LED bulbs

LED bulbs

A: More commonly, it related to the canbus problem, you need to add a pair of canbus drivers. Also, it may occur to poor contract. Sway the wiring in 360 degrees and check if the light flickering following the wiring goes. If so, ask for warranty.

Q4: Why my bulbs turn on and then off continuously?

A: You need to exclude the situation for canbus. Then it may be the heat dissipation. Check whether the cooling fan is working normally and if there is enough space for the light to dissipate heat.

Q5: Why the H7 bulbs do not fit my vehicles?

A: Some vehicles need H7 bulbs, yet there are different collars for H7. You can check which collar you need or when you find out that the H7 does not fit your vehicles. Auxbeam will help you for that. You can ask our customer service for warranty.

With all these problems, you can easily fix some problems.


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