Your truck can become a multipurpose set of wheels if you have the right set of truck accessories. There are so many types of truck accessories on the market currently. Most people prefer having truck accessories for their trucks to decorate and make their truck more functional. And it just turns out that most of the truck accessories are functional. Examples of such accessories are tie downs and tow hooks for loading heavy items in trucks. A heavy-duty steel toolbox that is used to safely store items in the car. There are also fender flares that are used to prevent dirt from flaring up in the air from the wheels.

What are the Fender Flares?

fender flaresA fender is mainly the outer part of any vehicle that surrounds the wheel. Fender flares are installed on the fender, and their main function is to prevent debris and dirt from being thrown into the air. They help in protecting your investment from damaging the truck’s finish.

They do not only serve as a functional accessory but also as a styling accessory. Gone are the days which by installing a fender flare you interfere with the style of your truck. Nowadays, fender flares come in different styles and can be painted according to your taste. They also come in different profiles and do not require any trimming or cutting or even drilling them.

Types of Fender Flare

fender flares--truck accessoriesSo now that you have decided to get a set of fender flares as your truck accessories, you need to know the type of fender flares that will be perfect for a universal or a spec vehicle design. There are many types or styles of fender flare from different companies, but they can be categorized into four main types.

There is the OE style type of fender flare. This is the type used if the truck owner only wants the upgraded look of the fender flare or to hide a small part that is damaged. The dealer does not make the OE style, but they design them to give a different styling. You, however, need to remember that the OE style fender flares that require drilling do not use the same factory holes.

Street flares are the type of flares that have a lower profile than the OE style flares. They provide a sleek look for the fender but still serve their purpose of protecting the wheels and the truck. They are best used in showrooms since most of the trucks use the OE style and using the street fender flares would be a unique move.

Then there are the bolted fender flares if you want to give your truck that bossy look stands out on the road. They have pockets on the flares; each pocket is bolted but not to worry, they aren’t actually bolted it’s just for looks. They are installed without having to be drilled, but you have to check with the ones you want to buy.

If you however just need the fender surrounded then the extended flare type since it does not really stand out and neither does it have the bolted pockets. It does not appear rugged like the bolted fender flare but doesn’t be cheated they are really tough and would make your truck appear heavy duty.

Advantages of Fender Flares on Trucks.

truck accessories

Having a beautiful truck free from damage is a good feeling but on the other hand, having one that is full of damage and dirt is a frustrating experience. Fortunately, universal fender flares are there to keep you away from these frustrations as a truck driver. Most truck driver purchase fender flare for four main functions that we are going to discuss below.

There are truck drivers that want to style their tracks and to make them stand out of the road, and so they install fender flares just for style. Universal fender flare mostly comes in different styles and also can be painted to suit one’s own interested. So, the fender flare gives a good styling for your truck with these truck accessories.

Some trucks also have large tires, and fender flares are sometimes installed to abide by the law. This helps in avoiding heavy police fines on the road.

Sometimes before the fender flares are installed, the truck might be damaged, or the finish might be harmed. Some truck drivers install the fender flares to hide the damage on the truck.

Fender flare also serves as protection for the truck. They prevent dirt and debris from flaring up and damaging other parts of the truck like the vanish of your truck. This way, you are assured that your investment is safe and the value for resell is retained.

How to Install Fender Flares.

Universal fender flares are not that complicated if you choose to install them on your own. Installing the four of them might take an hour or less but others might take longer to install. Before installing them, read and understand the manufacturer’s directions, some fender flares might have different requirements. Other fender flares will need drilling while others will need it.

Below are steps that you can use to install your fender flares:

  1. Your truck may have fender flare on them already, unbolted them carefully from the wheel. You can access the bolts from the back of the wheel.
  2. Check if your new fender flare fits well by laying them against the truck’s body. If they fit well, the bottom edge will fit correctly with the bottom of your truck while the front will fit snugly against the bumper. Some holes may need to be drilled, refer to the template that comes with the fender flare kit.
  3. Fender flare mostly comes with a double-sided tape that is used for additional mounting. You should now apply the tape to your fender then remove the other backing side and then fix the flare to the truck’s body ensuring that all the holes are lined up.
  4. Now, fix the bolts in the holes and secure them tightly. Repeat this process on all the four sides of the truck.


OE fender flares They give your truck a new upgraded look and also are used to hide any damages. Street Fender Flares They give a truck a classy, sleek look and makes the truck stand out on the road. Bolted fender flares They give your truck that rugged look that makes it stand out among other trucks. Extended fender flares They do not sensitize on the look but on functionality; they, however, give your truck a heavy-duty look.

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