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Compared with standard screw-in bulbs which give out light in all directions, LED light bars just concentrate their light in one fixed direction. How... Flood, Spot or Combo – Which LED Light Bar to Choose?

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Compared with standard screw-in bulbs which give out light in all directions, LED light bars just concentrate their light in one fixed direction. How the beam pattern form depends on the shapes of reflectors and lens of each LED. Modern LED lights are designed by computer technology in order to achieve specific light patterns. The lighting pattern trade-off for light bars is between distance and beam width. As for the same luminosity, long distance requires narrow beam width, while short distance needs wide beam width. Due to all these, the beam pattern of LED light can be divided into three kinds; flood beam, spot beam and combo beam.

A LED flood light is a kind of point light source that can give out light in all directions. Its irradiation area can be adjusted and usually has 40 to 120 degrees beam width. Flood light is a most wildly used in making design sketch and standard flood light can be used to light up the whole scene. Flood light shines from a specific point to all directions which can be an analogy to light bulbs or candles. As the illuminated area of the flood light is relatively wide, so the illuminating effect is easy to predict, and this light bar is versatile. For example, put the flood light close to the surface of the object, the object will generate bright light. However, in a LED light bar, how to distinguish a flood light bar to a spot one? In fact, in order to make flood light give out extreme wide light, the reflector is well designed. For the normal flood light, the reflector is concave-convex which can emit light perfectly.


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Spot lights, typically, can aim in any direction, and have the structure of withstanding any bad climate conditions. It is mainly used for large-scale mining operations field, building outline, stadiums, flyovers, monuments, parks and flower beds etc. Thus, almost all large-area lighting fixtures for outdoor usage can be regarded as flood lights. Spotlights outgoing beam angle has a narrow width in the range of 0 ° ~ 180 °, wherein the light beam is referred to particularly narrow search light. As it is called, spot light give out light in a point that means it can light up for a pretty long distance. Compared with the reflector of flood light, the reflector of spot light is very smooth.

So which one is best? It depends on the application. Both of them are useful and a common choices to purchase, yet a combo bar that has spot and flood functions may help you deal with the problem to choose. A combo works by assigning the work of the spot and the flood light to different sections of the light bar. It can work by dividing flood and spot reflectors along the bar’s length or by splitting the functions between rows. The best LED light bar of one manufacturer allows you to custom design your flood to spot ratio with swappable reflectors.


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